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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mundane Sunday

Sunday sunday very mundane..
Sunday morning gives u an energetic mode to utilise the entire day on strategising what is to be done when Monday blues hurricane arrives the next day.
I swear I have so much plan to implement on a Sunday now that I seldom go out hiking on Sunday morning...
I gotta plan for my small little 'workshop' next door :) do a lil bit of costing to see how much it will cost me
I gotta plan for coming Chinese New Year, on things I can adorn this small home of mine so it won't look poor, when some bastards decides to come visiting..
I gotta browse the webs for more contacts to call, hoping the data derived wud last me a week before the next Sunday arrives..
I gotta start utilise all the books I've bought and start learning Japanese and learn ablout business from Michael Gerber!


All i did on a Sunday was and is and will only be ;

Wake up at 12.30pm only to reach the remote and watch Melodi to see if the recent Malay artistes have gotten divorce or not.
Look in the friedge and look in the wallet to see if its worth it for me to steam some edibles from lasw week remains as lunch or spare RM4.50 for food downstairs.
Stare at the backpack and rest of junk on the floor that i am supposed to return to a fren after borrowing for like... ages?
Voila, its almost 4pm and time to get ready for a jog!!
And there goes a day.. where I will be out and back after 9pm :(



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