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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Filler Post


Safi Rania Gold Beauty cream as primer

As much as  don't like the stickiness of the Rania Gold, I am determined to finish this and move ahead to try another beauty cream from Al-aisyah - another local produce.

Hahaha, not everyday do I actually show my naked face to the public because I am afraid that it may cause public outrage to have ugly face roaming around the street :(

Greedily committed to too many reviews that I have exhausted 2 sets of battery from over camwhoring.

Camwhore again for the Secret Styler from Supermodels Secrets

If you can't wait for review, go buy NOW !!

I was getting worried today as I have used up my own money for some workers' claim, and I can' stand to see a depleting amount in the bank since I was in the self-challenge to not issue salary to myself for the second month, things got to a better turn. Managed to flock off some dresses and gain some cash back to sustain awhile :) The thing about not issuing self salary is pretty complicated and shall not be the highlight here.
Self torture is sometimes good. It gives us the mood to empathize with situation that we cannot foresee will happen. And most probably someone else out there is in the same situation and things could have turned out sour. I am glad all the disarray in life get itself sorted somehow.

Stupid weekend is passing by so fast most probably I won't be able to do much. Most probably I will fail in my coming dance exam too. Never had I expected to have to endure exam period again. What turn out simply as a platform to learn a dance for is now a nightmare for me =(

The thought of getting back to yoga to have to be put aside now that I am on self-torture mode. Life is hard!!!

And this is totally not my style of writing.... eugghh....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

No, I don't Play Games At Work

I filled in their names then followed by subject matter : Contract Worker Salary - June '12. Then I progress to the date of me issuing the payment voucher and later on proceed to indicate their hours of work. As I progress towards the fourth person I missed writing in the date as per the initial order. So was the sixth worker. I missed the date and have to re-write it again.

How could I have missed it? After month of doing it, these glitches are so random. Could it be that these actions have become so mundane that I may have been doing it without much thinking required? And that these certain inconsistent are signs that I cannot accept  a  stagnant routine that doesn't require much challenge? I am feeling like a clerk for the first time! Well not that I am a clerk literally, but the routine make me feel like a person who cannot and doesn't have much goal at work except to wait for the pretty good salary to come in at the end of the month. And issued by my goodself some more -__-

There is only one main reason people have to find a job - to sustain a life by getting money out of the services and skills that they contributed to the company. But have everyone actually found a calling or at least a purpose in their life at the course of doing their job?

There are those I know who spend most of her time browsing online shops or playing stupid commercial online game during office hour and yet have never ask ownself if this is what they want for the rest of their life? Being in a position called 'work' and telling people they have a 'job' but in real, they do have a 'job' and they get paid every month end without evaluating the essence of the job? They are proud. Because given the same amount of time grounded in an office, you could have most probably having heart attack to finish writing an entire article for the coming World up for next day publication. Someone else somewhere could be sitting in the toilet crying out quietly because there is no way the Production Manager can accept their proposal to extend the production dateline. And I am most probably at my current position now, issuing salary chits to a bunch of midget Indonesian labours and wonder what great challenges have  faced at work today that I will be proud to acknowledge.

I seriously do not know what does young people now see in the job that they have undertake. I value the responsibilities given to me and more often than not, I know I give more than I take back in rewards. Ironic perhaps. because I am never a generous person in life! =D
But I have a strong working sentiment that I have failed to lower. When boss decides to be lazy today and leave early to join his village friends  for booze and maybe suckling pigs complimented by some hand jobs from the China girls, I am pissed!

I am pissed that he failed to lead an example. I am pissed that he failed to be meticulous and take inconsideration of alot of things without analysing. I am pissed that he feels a sudden urge to have a nap in the midst of understanding a 7 kilometer span Perimeter Intrusion Detection System technical layout. I am pissed that the technical people do not tuck in their shirts. I am pissed why almost all of them, inclusive of the throne -master failed to use a lil bit of common sense at work and be able to perform logic thinking when confronted with a situation. 

Perhaps I shouldn't be feeling pissed. After all, despite having the say to do a lot of things, I have no losses in a lot of things too. I too, could have joined the mule and do online gaming during office hour and look at distasteful clothes and hope that one day I can be slim.  But I am not contented!! That is not how a salaried person should behave! 

A job is not just a job to me. Accepting a job is like accepting part of a new circuit board to be integrated into your bodily system. That you need to get the entire system rebooted and perform! And show the rest of other cisrcuit boards that you are one heck of a good mother board of excellent performance.

And yet, day in day out below-the-par staff never do learn. I am actually not that worried about them. because them failing means the world will have lesser competition. I am worried about myself. I am seeing a distance. Between sanity and civilization. I think I am being pulled towards the common people section, where you don't need to care much but to facebook and wait till you get an assignment and get paid. 

I am very afraid of losing my corporate sense. I have adjusted to shouting at foolish staff, nagging at throne-master and being aggressive to vendors. I simply do not want to be one who stays in the office and play Super Mario Brothers until someone come knocking on the door to deliver parcel..

Help me....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Pound Lighter

Yeah, apparently I am finally resorting to such supplement to weight loss. 
Actually I don't care if I am still at 72kgs.. but I want to be a size smaller!

I have always been 72 kgs.I am neither here nor there. I always think I am fat, but then they said no, I am not. So I thought maybe I could be sllim enough, but then there were alot of doubts and err...ermm from people around so. It's not fair! I am neither here nor there! 

merely illusion and I could be a good poser to hide those 72kgs..

Anyway, I just bought a box of this V6 thing. And no, this is not a review. Didn't bother to read about it and just took an online friend's instruction to mix it and drink.

RM150 for 15 sachets! Can buy a green tea latte per sachet!

Lucky it's a citrusy concotion and not creamy stuff, of which I cannot tolerate

To be mixed into cold water

And shake

Seriously hoping that at the end of it, I can at least be convinced that fat from eating MacDonalds breakfast  can be disposed and later be able to stuff myself into those skimpy dresses I have secretly bought.

I was told that it will suppress appetite. This is the first sachet I took. Don;t see any supressing form as yet. Wallop an ice cream drumstick while waiting for the suppressing feel to turn on -_-

I have also bought the Mustika Ratu  Surut Kaplet which I do take form time to time tho not too often as I cannot tolerate the heat. Consumption of the jamu caplet 3 days a week will increase my body temperature and later sore throat. Hence I only take twice a week. It's good for constipation. it could have work if I dont have more MacDonalds breakfast meal more often than I excrete.

I don't need to be thin. Just make me good enough to stuff myself into those UK10 dresses please!

This is such a busy week at work and juggling those reviews that I committed myself too -_-
I stay awake on a particular weekday just to watch the CCTV and check if boss goes to office as what he promised. I checked at 4.30am - nothing. 5am, also nothing. 7am - still nothing. By then I just hope he secretly experience the wettest dream of the century and collapse from heart palpitation! His stupid unprofessional act have resulted in me having to face major humiliation for denying a tender interview. *Note to self - never to trust a kampung person can be corporate in a year*

I skipped work on Friday to show my protest to lazy employer and decides to make a trip to Supermodels Secrets and check out what's new.

These are some hauls!! Some sponsored some bought. If you haven't been checking them out, do hop over at SUPERMODELS SECRETS and check out for their latest arrivals. There could be some new stuff here in my picture that you may not be able to locate in their site yes, but juts email them and say you spotted from me first! =P

Started with a Nudy BB Cream from the brand elishacoy, now available in Supermodels Secrets.
Catch my review soon in YourShoppingKaki - your local review platform! ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cendol Legacy

I think I am now in such a situation as described by a supplier friend..

Me : Hello cendol man, your cendol taste so good! You should really do something with it. Let's explore and maybe do a franchise of your cendol empire!

Cendol Man : wah wah!! I like that idea! Does that mean I will be rich and have big houses and how woman on my lap? And I can also drive a continental car? By then, maybe I can buy over some other factories that makes buns and croissant?

Me : let's start somewhere first and not go too far

Cendol Man : I think I want to open a few clubs that serves Thai girls and cocktails...

Possible, impossibru?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Need a Minute Off please

I should be aggresively doing review post in YSK than typing lame post here that doesn't even nudge my own interest..
This is most probably the 5th times I bought something from Asos.  Tried it on and kept it back in the plastic pack.. In hope that one day I will shape up and slim down and wear it like a boss!

I guess I will never have the determination to go down to a Size 10 or maintain at a healthy 12 without a beer belly to flaunt :(

shapelessly boring....

belly belly rise like a valley


I wonder will I ever encounter a day when I have to seek medical treatment because of some chronic disease that could have gotten into me due to unhealthy lifestyle - like those 'growth', heart attack (ate too much fat food), kidney failure ( drink so little water). I sometimes wonder how do I face up with life if I do ever get any of these.. I mean, to catch a cold and have a headache to me is excruciatingly painful. 
I have zero tolerance to pain. I don't know how certain people can go thru it on a monthly basis. 

If one day I do have those sickness, I hope it's not as painful and dreadful as pictured :(
If it is, I would be glad to end it a.s.a.p

The urge to continue my pursue in yoga is swelling out of a sudden. While I was trying to repharse opening prayers for Odissi while warming up, I uttered 'Yogena Citta ..' that is used for yoga and not dance class!  :S

I am again drained out of energy of late. Not because I have a 'queen control' boss again who picks on everything and anything. I have used up my energy in alot of things.. And I still am not able to brush off my carelessness at work! :(

There is so much expectation on me from alot of parties. I can no longer be a 24 hours customer service counter to all. I cannot satisfy every party.. I need some time doing nothing for ownself..

I am so occupied it feels like a clot of lard in my arteriol :(

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Less Than 95%

No this is not a beauty post. 
Merely a post on a humid Friday night with 1,205 strands of fallen hair on the floor, a floor not mopped for the past 2 weeks and a stack of technical documents waiting to be read.

A week passes by so fast! I haven't manage to catch some breath and have afternoon naps. Been too many nights that I have been collapsing on the cement floor amidst an ocean of dresses and tender documents.


Thru this paragraph, it is already a Monday night with a killing headache. And I have chopped of some hair to reduce the risk of balding :(

Seriously, life isn't hard. Work too isn't hard. but the harder part of life is having to deal with incompetent people. Today, I realised my competency level has dropped tremendously.

For the past 2 weeks, I have gained the victorious attempt to continuously send out miscalculated or mis-spelled terms in quotes to clients. Like CONTINUOUSLY! It literally scares the poop out of me to know that I have committed such act that only an apprentice or a lowly paid clerk can afford to do wrong. I hate not to be able to be the best. I hate the feeling of losing people's trust because of own carelessness. It's a really bad thing to pick up for a manager who have so many years of experience and yet have failed to look over some details on documents. I feel like jumping off cliff and crashing my own head :(

It didn't help to know that 101% of the staff and superior inclusive that I have around me show a below par attitude to work. As hardworking as they could be, nothing gets done in an intelligent way. There is always a need to rectify and polish the first layer of job implemented. 

Having seen this, day in and day out, I suspect these acts have been contagious and have reached unto me!
I am extremely pissed at the people around me and equally pissed to for letting myself deviate from the way I want work to be - perfectly perfect. So sad that I fell asleep flat on the work desk thinking baout it :(


Monday, June 11, 2012


I seriously do think so. 
Don't you think so?
In the shortest period of time, I have managed to create dependancy towards me from boss and clients.
I am like god-ly - that everyone will have to look for Cynthia, be it to ask for opinion, to seek advice on technical difficulties  (dafuq!), on project management, foreign labour allocation and now... proposals - of some technical relevant structure and interphasing which most probably I have never know existed. 

I am not sure if dependancy is good, but it sure does make me feel important. Though I don't really like it to have people calling me up at 9am to ask me how to deploy site people, or possibility for me to pay them some money first for their job done and such. Because it's hard for me to talk rationally at 9am, when I am still on the bed >,>

It is always my priority to ensure that my staff and clients and of course boss get the best of services and execution from me. I am such a sucker for perfcton (though of late, I have been making mistakes with dates! punching in wrong dates in quotation and billings.. omg)
Once you execute well, people get pleased and they will start rooting their work onto you. Which is sometimes not very good. Because you will then get a never ending stream of emails attentioned to you and only to be cc-ed to those who were once in charge, but was now not given the role to be in it anymore.

Lke it or not, being a believer of super-kiasu-I-must-win-every-battle-and-impress-you-all-till-your-mouth-shut, I have read up on fiber optic transmission for CCTV monitoring system in a huge area and loosely figured how it will work, that I can story you the entire flow of creating a network of fiber structural backbone. Amazing or not? 
I have also forced in some concept in designing a conventional fire alarm protection  system for buildings to my small pot of brains and am now able to give you a pretty basic brief on the different core of PVC cables hat you should use when your cables goes from indoor to outdoor. Please.... am I awesome or not?

Don't know how drafters can understand what they have draft. So complicated!!

My colourful illustration to help me speed up my understanding


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lights Everywhere with Curry on the table

Attended Vishnu and Priya's Indian wedding dinner over the weekend. A couple whom I met when I tagged along to a friend's makan-makan session. 
You know people always says that when you find your other half (the perfect half), he and she actually have a similiar resemblance in terms of features. And they do!!

this is most probably one of the best Tamil song I heard for 2012, besides the Hanuman Chalisa recital that I always listen to.. awww.. heart melting sial....

One of the very important factor that I look forward to attending any Indian events - wedding, dinner, dance recital etc is to wear my collection of sarees!! =D  =D
The most versatile costume of all. I mean, what are the odds that you will bump into another person wearing the same piece? I think even if you can't afford a piece from Satya paul and buy a piece of RM75 set of saree, you still won't bump into another person in the same design!

SJK (C) Yuk Chai is such a big hall!! U damn loaded chinese!
not a very flattering angle but still...

When I do, shall I be able to, and if I can be married off, I wanna have a piece of grand and elaborate saree piece to walk down the aisle... regardless of what race I marry >.<

From Everywhere eh?

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