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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lights Everywhere with Curry on the table

Attended Vishnu and Priya's Indian wedding dinner over the weekend. A couple whom I met when I tagged along to a friend's makan-makan session. 
You know people always says that when you find your other half (the perfect half), he and she actually have a similiar resemblance in terms of features. And they do!!

this is most probably one of the best Tamil song I heard for 2012, besides the Hanuman Chalisa recital that I always listen to.. awww.. heart melting sial....

One of the very important factor that I look forward to attending any Indian events - wedding, dinner, dance recital etc is to wear my collection of sarees!! =D  =D
The most versatile costume of all. I mean, what are the odds that you will bump into another person wearing the same piece? I think even if you can't afford a piece from Satya paul and buy a piece of RM75 set of saree, you still won't bump into another person in the same design!

SJK (C) Yuk Chai is such a big hall!! U damn loaded chinese!
not a very flattering angle but still...

When I do, shall I be able to, and if I can be married off, I wanna have a piece of grand and elaborate saree piece to walk down the aisle... regardless of what race I marry >.<


  1. It's a malayalam song btw :)

    1. i know which princess are u!! :D

    2. Yes, the one and only Princess who loves you alot! :)


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