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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hump it.. I mean Bump It...

Gawdd.... and I have spent the whole midnite thinking how to spice up this forever straight hair of mine which I never really do bother to do anything to it, except to send it to the tailor hairdresser once every 3 months to trim. OOh! Guess what!? I found my comb back! yes, the flat comb which I have gotten free when purchasing a set of shampoo/conditioner. Hair maintenance was and is never in my list of vanity. I am blessfully happy if my hair do not drop. Anyway, guess where I found my comb? A flat comb to be precise.
In the business book that I was reading... I used it as a bookmark! And for the whole week I totally had no apparatus to flick my hair... which wasn't a concern anyway =D as I never do flick it!

Have you heard of bumpits?

things you can do with your bumpits

guess who am I impersonating? =D

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