Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Late Lame Post

Officially Day 1 of being without a job. (Twas on Saturday =P ) 
And the day started early ;)
Conveniently it is also Chic Pop today! :)
had a stroll in Chic Pop before heading to the Mofew briefing session on behalf of Peep and Supermodels.
So many aspiring entrepreneurs so enthusiastic in breaking ground via Mofew ;)

Don't really get the entire concept of Mofew and the existence of Amber Chia with the bunch of underweight girls who aspire to be models but with height lesser than me. But I suppose any exposure is good exposure. And Wei Ni is sure glad that she did not get herself a cow =D

I always love these marketing related event where you need to outdo others in terms of strategising. Perhaps, I have been slaving so long that it seems like a very automatic response to actually wanting to be part of the proposal doing act =D

Yesh!! I love getting myself into such dirt job of thinking how to sell and market stuff. Perhaps my 8 years of being in customer servicing, sales and marketing have shaped my mind to easily be triggered to operate when the word 'marketing' pops in. 

So, yeah! Today i was inspired =D
When I was with my friends during the briefing session of MOFEW. Suddenly there are so many stuff storming into my mind on what can be done IF I am the entrepreneur who will be doing a marketing plan to sell some lamp-shade inspired dresses. it sort of gives me hope that this world seriously is round and whatever that you can think of, can be marketed out as long as you know how to market it out. It is like, as long as you are determined to do something to reach out to people, there will be people listening to your idea and perhaps buy the idea. The EVENT itself is an idea. Which is now turned into a platform for technopreneurs to accept the challenge to face the public and show their ability to make create a niche and specialisation for whatever products and services they are offering.
It is a good platform if the contestant knows how to ride on the opportunity and utilise all avenues to maximise on promotion and branding without having to win it first, provided if they know how to go about doing it ;)

But bringing in Exabytes and is a great start to actually jive in the technology part of the online retailing. Because going online is seriously not all about fashion only! It is also about how a seller is able to use the latest of application to create a convenient platform for buyers with various buying habits. While at the same time having to put in mind that most local buyers have a lack of knowledge in purchasing online and that most of them DO NOT READ INSTRUCTION.

Left Mofew briefing and headed to Chic Pop again. managed to have a bite at the Bees. nothing great  after all! Or perhaps there wasn't much appetite available now that I have turned on the moolah saving mode.

I need to write, I need to do something,... I just need to get something done... and the day was full anyway..

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello world!!
And today I am freed! :)

This morning, I felt that I just have to go pack a packet of rice to be placed at the altar at work. Which I did. And I cleaned it up and burn some joss stick and some prayer papers and I made my final wish - to leave if things are not meant to be.

And like the rest of others who may have gone thru the same procedure as it did, I would say I am leaving with a heave of relief :)
Perhaps this is a mutual action that I have always wanted to take but never had the guts as I am in a comfort-zone all this while.

I don't really know what have happened as it went on very fast. And it finishes fast too.

I have spent my prime years in the confinement of this space being guided on how to do my work and how to practically be hands-on with all the new trades that I have never seen before. I must say it was a journey that wasn't easy and took me so much of my life and effort.Despite all the hardship, it feels like it is all worth it. Because, despite the constant nagging, mistakes I made, more nagging and continuous monitoring on my acts, I actually still liked my work pretty much. If I don't keep thinking about what happens in the backend.
I have been constantly reminded that I am no good at what I am doing. It's really sad. but I have long accepted the fact that I am not good. Because that is what I have been told :(  I seriously hope it is not true. Because I really did try my best with whatever shallow knowledge that I have gotten.

Now I am freed. At my own will. It feels... I don't know.. liberating? Perhaps now I have more time to think further of what I wanted to do and how to achieve what I want. It's been awhile since I have had anytime for my own soul-feeding. It has always been for the confinement where I am attached. Yah, sometimes constantly I laze around, but that's it.

At most time, I seem lost of direction. Perhaps I was lost a ll these while. Because all that is supposed to happen is dictated to me and I can only look as much as where I am allowed. I am always curious. Curious that if I am left to fend for myself and those around me, how will I fare.

I have got to a point that I told myself I don't need to look far as all will be dictated for me. As long as I am in this confinement. perhaps that leads to the comfort zone I was in.. I wasn't actually that comfortable in the zone itself. Because being too comfortable makes one dumb. And I was seriously dumb then.

I have learnt so much. I have gained so much. I have also matured so much in what I do. And I supposed these are what people called working experience. That I am so eagerly wanting to utilise it and see if my pre-dictated wings will know how to operate on its own.

This morning, I prayed. And on the same evening my wishes were granted. Though it happened in a very unpleasant way. But I supposed it is pleasant enough to wake me from this zombified zone.

Perhaps from now onwards, I may have to put a halt on yoga and dance classes as I will be feeding on my whatever balance in the bank and have no more freedom to paying entertainment fees for the soul.

But I am keen to look forward and see what is in front of me :)

Totally unrelated but on my way back from the 'ex-office' I saw an uncle at the side of the road. I cried. It is really sad to see an old man of his age in torn shirt and was hit by a car and nurses from the ambulance are scurrying to try to carry him off the ground. He was strong. Mentally and perhaps physically. Despite all the blood dripping from his forehead and a fractured hand, he still manages to give out instruction on where hurts and where to hold him.
I feel sad. That old people still have to work. And that old people with no education have to do odd jobs. And when such mishap happens, it would cripple them more.

Despite being jobless, I shuld be grateful that I still have a decent life and shall not grumble about how life is so unfair. About how I wish mum won't open her mouth. About how I dreaded living here. I should be grateful. That I have something above the basic needs. And that I have lots of very good friends that I have gained throughout my life.

Mirza, Sha-Lene, Carrie, Sunitha, Maya, Nath, Jaclyn, Nurul, Michelle Chuah! and so many more of those great souls! I LOVE u guys so much!!

I am officially jobless for the first time in my life since the age of 19 years old -_-

Which also means I will have more time to work on Pasar Night, Suhana and perhaps help Sha revives YourShoppingKaki!!  :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

So Randomly Blank

I am back..
From the rush of a financial year end and starting a new financial year
I am back
From closing some meagre sales and need to close more teeny weeny sales to make ends meet and stop nags session
And from a short oversea trade show 
The Facebook wall are full of shared pictures of smashed up babies, apes and such.
The local paper no longer worth buying as it is now all about political affinity and hoo-ha which almost leave me with no interest to flip.
As I sit in this corner of the room, hoping to start a blog content, it seems that nothing have happened. Nothing have changed. 
My hair keep falling and creating a carpet in the room. The same 30 bottles of some lotion and stuff on the vanity table. The same stack of clothes hung. The same amount of phone calls from clients asking for appointment and increasing complaints that their groins are compressed in their pants. The same shit.
The speaker from the laptop deteriorated quite a fair bit. Now lady Gaga and Marooon 5 sounds a bit like Mick Jagger - all jagged... So was Sade in her rendition of 'what's that song name?'
Yah... life is pretty much the same...

Annual sales reporting...

Vijayadasami this year was a little more proper for me. Well, not that I have celebrated any of it previously. But yeah, I reckon, if i have made up my mind to continue my Odissi class, I might as well do my best and excel and I don't know... perhaps perform? Make money out of it? Be famous? But whatever it is, I am still feeling empty... Why ah??

A humble Vijayadasami celebration for the the classical dancers ;)

I still have yet to have any interesting content to talk about... 
Oh!, I have gained 3 kilos for the past few weeks. Yah, I must admit the constant MacDonald while on the go is seriously not helping to curb the random eating habit..
But perhaps the additional 3 kilos could also be due the the fact that I have not been camwhoring for some time, which is a good workout =P

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