Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha

Thursday, January 27, 2011

That Blazer

This is a gruelling week .... =( Never in my life had I been thru anything as painful as what I am feeling now.. Now not the broken heart part.. but the back ache and souring shoulder blade yelling to be chopped off from the body.. According to a  doctor friend, there could be a possibility I sprained my neck or I may have 'spondylosis' OMG! Whatever sponge is that, please leave me alone!! I hate the smell of hospitals and the quietness in it.. though hospitals nowadays are fully equipped with Dome and Starbucks further siphon more money from the sick bats...

I tried all methods to stop the pain

Mei said to plaster my last 2 fingers. With surgical tape.. which I don't have

Still don't have

And nothing works! With an addition to another session of physiotherapy in Pantai where it's all conversation with minimal action

RM5 gold plated ball whatever sticker from Daiso

Mei and I decided to spend the day off from Thaipusam thronging The Curve and Ikea, in hope to get some pussy willow (for her). We ended up forgetting about pussy willow and got loads of stuff to wear =D

Vintage weird top from enspired which I didn't get. Pretty much looked like something I could sew

There wasn't much to see in Enspired, except for a stall that sells Japan vintage apparels! Woot! Vintage is dorky ok. But vintage is Japan is sometimes precious. Japan is one of the more established fashion hub. That we can't deny. Having said that, the Japs too are very particular with quality. Whihc is good! Because whatever that they may want to throw and turn into vintage will normally be good in quality too. Not to mention trendier ;)
Yup, junk is good sometimes!

Vintage houndstooth blazer. Notice the titanium necklace? RM5 from Daiso! =P
Yeah, I am cheap..

With organza trimming wei!

tassled lapel :)

cun! those small lil details ;)

The above were a bit outdated as it happened a week ago =P
As at now, I am still in pain.. To add to it, my blood pressure is also high 163/83 
Can you beat that?
The signs of aging - back pain, hi blood pressure..
Barely a week to Chinese New Year, I think....A celebration that I dreaded more than being stuck in a jam.
The most dreaded mandarin orange exchange season!! And being forced to eat cookies and drink fizzy drinks.. AArghh it scares me just to think that the dreaded period is coming annually to haunt me ;(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Lame-ness

These are the only pictures I managed to snap in Chic Pop - 6th installation =D
It's been a while that I have been going to any bazaar for a free and easy stroll and need not help Mei in selling her badges =P

And I managed to come home spending only RM2 for parking and bought nothing ;)
It was another great session of bazaar organised, with a big mouthful of vintagey people and stuff in granny floral dress and polaroid cameras on their neck and not to miss mentioning those fedora hats!

It wasn't a plan trip to drop by to the bazaar. After spending more than an hour waiting for an emblem in Pertama Complex (with lots of weird smelly men and handphone stalls) and spent a lil bit of moolah in Reject Shop ( and still can't get anything for mum.I don't know what to get her!) and later having to head back to office with an aching hand only to see the box is still under construction at 2.00pm, trying to beat the jam to get to PJ and get myself into a crowded massacre of vintagey people just doesn't seem to be a relaxing after-work Saturday..

I guess to be out somewhere is way better to be rotting at home with an idle mind which may lead me to further depression and body ache from extreme Facebooking -__-
And I have been eyeing this pair of shoes from peep for some time and it would be great for me to hop into the bazaar and see if they have it there today.. And they DO!! Somehow I wasn't thrilled despite having a good fit of the shoes. Because I read the newspaper before I went to the bazaar.. And under the Cancer horoscope reading, it clearly stated ' You need to look into your finances' WTF... -__-" gilababi.....

skanky! I like!!

And so I made 3 rounds in that small lil bazaar and Mei asked me 3 times to help her out and for all 3 times I thought she was joking and I left uninformed =P  Sorry! I thought it is a JOKE mah....

My usual Saturday are spent in Starbucks Pearl Point Hotel, as I need to wait for mum -__-
And the lady barrista asked if I was the guest Blogger for YSK <3 <3  ahahahahaha, I felt so famous suddenly! Of course she didn't give me discount or free whip cream onto my blended green tea..... that's not the point anyway!

I love the online community a lot! People sort of know each other without really having to know each other. If you get what I mean. It's not really about being famous or what.. But it's about knowing someone you do not know but you actually knew them virtually and when you see them it's like you actually know them!! It's a complicated theory. But for sure it won't apply when you see a celebrity who do not know you r your whereabout and have no common issues with you except for the fact that you are enriching their life by condoning to whatever that they are promoting, be it skills, arts or self.

But in this fabulous world of girls being online, we are  all connected to ONE big issue - FASHION.  There are those that you are bound to hate their sense of dressing, and there are those who you simply adore (from far only how I love Shantee's style of dressing! =P ) And I would so recognise her if I were to see her stranded in the middle of the road amongst a row of makciks attempting to cross the road. ;)

Again, I do not know what is the whole point of this post. Serious. I just feel like writing something.
I guess it's the start of a year and I am still searching everywhere and try to settle my attention on things I wanted to do - that is to write hence the 'seems-like-I-typed-a-lot-but-not-much-meaning' need to bump a post =P

Some of the loots on Saturday!

Chiffon Triangular Kaftan from Reject Shop - below RM20 wei!

was deciding between this..

and this
Chose this finally, in any case if t here is a need for some tangerine feel for Chinese New Year
Reject Shop for RM8 wei!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dato! Where are you?

I am tired, stresses, shortchanged in many areas of life... ;(
And it's confirmed my shoulder is not balanced after all ;(
Too many things happened in such a short time and I am not taking it as well as I have expected. Perhaps I should refrain from buying that Lilian Too mini handbok and got so engrossed in it. Perhaps the change of a star sign too could have affected my mood swing and inefficiency.. 
There is too much emotion in me waiting to let go I don't know what to do!
I want to get many many dresses! See!? I am emotional! I am stressed not being able to buy what I wanted to buy ;(
I want to get rid of the zit on my cheek! Why my cheek!? I am stressed!
I need to get more sales! Where else can I hit on? I am dead stressed!
I need a breather..Please leave me alone.... :(

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Hate

I hate Sundays
God damn Sundays
Family day for some 
Hate day for me
I hate Sunday

I hate you too
Because you started to hate me first
And when I hate someone
You are bound to be hated for  life
But now..
I am tired of hating you
I hate myself

I hate men
Simply because you are a man
Men have dicks
Of various sizes that they sometimes hate
The love-hate just never stop

I hate afternoon sun
Which is breathing fire down my neck
Purging heat down my scalp
Yelping for me to wake up from dreams
Only to lie helplessly watching Melodi

I hate sickness
I hate pain
Both are cousins
That the slightest hint of them
Makes me feels like the world is waiting to end on me
No one but one me

I hate melodramatic musics
That makes me weep
In total misery
Reminding me of my current state of life
That I wasn't expecting
I wish I can have an androgynous emotion
That I can turn off like a radio whenever I need to

I hate to be left alone
But I am always left alone
Perhaps I choose to be left alone
And let the soul drift away from much thoughts

I love myself
Not because I am self centred
Because no one else deserve my love
I might as well showr no one but myself the love of my life...
I love myself

Bodysuit with mesh details from Asos
T-Bar heels from The Fashion Barrage

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Late Nite Discovery Channel

Suet Mun says:
 me and felix wants to plan a trip to gay club
Sailormoon says:
 i wanna go!!!!
Suet Mun says:
 and do wat
Sailormoon says:
 ive always wanted to see the inside of a gay club!!
Suet Mun says:
 later ur mom kill me
Nimrod says:
 hello wat r u talkin about
Suet Mun says:
 i heard it smells of sperms
 tho i duno how sperms smells like
Sailormoon says:
 i wouldnt know what sperm smells like

Suet Mun says:
Sailormoon says:
 if its like fish
 maybe it smell like ikan bilis?
 ikan bilis that is wet?
Suet Mun says:
 u mean like salty?
Sailormoon says:
 u mean like salted fish?
 i dunno

 maybe depends on the food the guy eats

Nimrod says:
 v much dependant on what they eat
Sailormoon says:
 so before doing anything
 make him eat flowers
 or stuff that smells nice
Nimrod says:
Sailormoon says:
 like cookies and pastries

Sailormoon says:
 all sperm is white
Suet Mun says:
 green toad
Sailormoon says:
 or transparent maybe
 lets google
Nimrod says:
 not necessarily
 depends on how concentrated it is

Suet Mun says:
 u think it has got eyes?
Sailormoon says:
 its not exactly like ikan bilis
 its just a cell
 with a tail to swim

How can you not have friends of all diveristy and inquisitiveness?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Am Simply Not That Kind

Am one person who is never too ashamed or too worried on talking about the story of my life.
Simply because, I take it as a story seen in TV.
And who knows when I do become famous, I will have a written history of what I have gone through in life.
A chapter closed in life is the door to another chapter soon to be opened ;)
(now I feel like crooning some Taylor Swift's songs!)
And after every chapter closes, I realises that I become bolder, stronger and look at life at a hotter level! =D

Today, 2 hours before I started writing my this particular chapter, I had a relationship ended! hehehhe
I try to be sad, but I find it funny and definitely a story to share to all u male and female out there.
Life isn't that bad after all when your road came to a halt, or you hit into a bump. Or.. some silly people cross path with you =D

So a cuckoo came into sight on the eve of X'mas which I assume was a gift from Santa.
He Came, He Saw and He Conquered.
I Saw, I Smiled, and I Went With the Flow.
So there were 12,3645 of text messages which jammed up my  hand phone with stories of love and devotion more than Taylor Swift can take up, elated dinner with not much current issues but more on love and devotion again, I was pressed for an answer into committing!
Disguising as a bankrupt cuckoo with screwed up life and 5 days later to claim that he is one succesful cuckoo businessman is just way too much for me to accept in a normal manner. I did not LOL.. nor did I weep as I may have missed a  chance in being a Datin!

And at the end of the revelation, I was deemed a person with dry jokes ( I thought my post were funny!) and too strong in character ( well, I have a career, and I manages) and immature ( I didn;t order Happy Meal ok!!)

I have not much sensation and thought about losing a succesful businessman (but slightly cuckoo) who may ask my hand for marriage. What I can't understand is how do I project myself as immature when I have a strong independant character?
It took me a while to put in a few examples to ponder. I can't figure or give any example of any successful people who is strong in character while being immature. I am wondering if he meant bed room immaturity!!!  =D

End of the pondering session, I would like to officially end this cuckoo episode by mourning in sadness and perhaps shed some tears, pretending that I have broken up, but all that I could tell myself is that I am very lucky to be saved from getting into further cuckoo session with a cuckoo who claims to be successful but disguising as a bankrupt and not able to handle a hot, independant woman like me. That must be some kind of easy business he is dealing with.. Even grocery owner ( u call that a business man too rite?) have to deal with  sickly irritating aunties ok!?

Yeah, till now I can't decipher which part of the story is true. But it doesn't matter..
As I always believe, people meet for a reason. We cross each other path to learn and to grow.
And I always grow.. HOTTER than before =P
And each of these stupid episode only make me a stronger person who will wake up the next day with more energy to work, flirt and live life.. Because I managed to have another episode! ;)

Did I tell you I just grew hotter? =D

Perhaps it sounds like I am self consoling, but I also do not see the reason to weep.
I believe in fate and that everything that happen must be for a reason. In this instance, I supposed the Lord up there too felt that it is hilarious and it's about time to end it for me before I get too immersed in this insanity.

I must admit though it is never easy to understand me. After all, I am one 31 years old fiesty 'girl' who have a wonderful but stressful job, and at the same time have the time and energy to mingle with a bunch of uni girls and online acquaintances going ga-ga over dresses and jumpsuits and loiter in flea market and bazaars on weekends in weird clothing.

Those who don;t know me, most probably will never know me.
And those who know me, you simply adore my guts rite!? =D

Dear sir,
I can't do much if you insist on a soft spoken, devoted, loving and caring wife who does nothing but to bake u scones..
Perhaps as suggested, you can import one from the village of Labis or Batu Pahat.
My momma ain't wealthy enough to make me sit at home and learn to talk in soft spoken voice only to wait for you to ask for my hand.
And I am deeply sympathised you are traumatised with how strong in emotion I am in handling fickle, emotionally weakling like you ;)
I think.... perhaps you should look for a drug addict.
Because they are normally fragile and soft spoken (high mah!)

No wonder today I felt so good about myself that I have to show u to prove it!

damn! I sure do not look devastated! O.o

I was inspired to write about this so immediate when I heard taylor Swift crooning and I had my own lyrics too!! =D

Am not the kind of girl
Who will dug my head lower than your shoulder height
But you
Am not the kind of guy
Who should be giving lectures
Cus u simply are cuckoo

Am not the kind of girl
Who will serve you tea and cupcakes
In an altered voice
Depicting Nobita and Sizuka
Cus I am not as snotty
and not as dodgy as you

I do have a lot of dreams,
Cus I am young, hot and living life
Are simply old, mad and fickle minded piece of log
that you scared the shit out of me and most probably my neighbour

Don't say that Im immature,
when your master grand plan was easy to decipher
and ended as a laughter
to me, my friend and all online readers :P
wooooooo, oh wooooo

my cuckoo acquaintance..
take some time to retire
and decide if u gone bankrupt or went succesfull
either way, u're really joker of the year,
thank you for the entertainment provided in my post!


The moral of the story is, be yourself at all times, because not everyone is good at making up stories and live thru it
And when you have a silly scripted story like the above, for all you know, you have screwed up your very crucial opportunity. Be it in relationship, work or live.

I am one transparent person who finds it hard to keep myself to myself :)
Of course, when I felt lazy and decided to skip an hour off work, that I will need to make a good script =D
But I simply do not condone to silly idea as the cuckoo above who went by the reason that he was trying to test the other end her this case, MINE

Well, my cuckoo..
Read my lips lyrics
I am that sincere about you wacko!


Saturday, January 1, 2011


Everyone wants to go somewhere tonight.
In search for the free firework show that will be displayed around town.
I always wonder what do people feel when they see the burst of bright lights purring on the jet black sky.
Because they will lift their head high up and radiate a contented smile, while some would waste the megabytes of their camera phone capturing those man made light works.
I wonder if those RM50,000 per 10 minutes show of fireworks do bring changes in life of those watching it..
Do you feel liberated? Is tomorrow a better day? Did youor boyfriend kneel down and proposes?
What do you do with videos of the fireworks you recorded? Do you make a MTV out of it? Or perhaps as screensaver to your computer?
I will usher another year at home... trying my best to reminisce of the better years. And nothing came out of the recollection -__-
I am not sure if there is something not right with me, or this is just a very common situation faced by a lot of hot, single and available lass with a normal life...
Was supposed to go out with some gay friends and watch firework O.o
Ironic rite? There I was yapping about how lame is firework watching and here I am thinking about going out and watch it with some gay friends. Anyway, am not going. I am worried if they plan to go to the gay club, I will be an outcast (though I secretly have a crush on Ellen DeGeneres)

What do people do 2 hours before the year ends and another new year come rushing in?
I think it is a bit lame for one to be stuck at home and blog. With a mere RM40 in the wallet and tuning in to VMA.

The only consolation I can give myself would be to of course talk about more positive issues - like how I always feel that I am equally as hot as any of you girls there.
Yeah, it's very important for me. because being a girl / woman, there is nothing important than being hot in all shapes and sizes. Brains are important, but no one knows you got one till your hotness opens the door for you.

That leads me to next year resolution.. to be hotter!!! than every years before!

 ASOS Elasticated Mesh Bodysuit
Cotton On skirt


I want to be a FIREWORK for 2011! =D

Happy New Year .. watever...

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