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Friday, March 23, 2012


These are most probably the most productive time ever I had in my working life - having to go thru details and specifications and badly formatted documents. After about 2 months without an admin assistant to help me out with petty jobs and someone to take up calls (since I was never on time to work) for me in the office, I think I must have formatted the entire office according to how I think it should be. Besides the inconsistent supply of toilet papers in the toilet, I think things are going on smooth.
Invoices, Delivery orders, Purchase Orders, Progressive Claims and even attendance are all in proper format (MY FORMAT) and every other things / event/ issues / documents comes with a Summary or Listing Sheet.
Something I deem very important in case I decided to die while sleeping and they will know where are the files being placed. More often than not I have failed to impose in my boss the need to READ what I ask him to sign. And most often than not, he only sign and NOT READ. *chinaman mode*

Some people choose to work within their scope and get their end of the month wages and be happy. I, unfortunately is not aware of my scope as the scope proposed by me to boss is way more than what the universe would want to give me.. (is this even a proper statement?)

I am a self confessed lazy workaholic. Yes, I enjoy working while being lazy at the same time. I am most probably at the peak of my life when I get to engage in conversation with very high return of investment, being it monetarily or emotionally. It is always great to gain something extra when talking to people, finishing a task that you never thought you can do or simply to be able to light a bulb over the mind when in a discussion :)

Throught out the few weeks that I am office bound doing something that I was never asked to do as it is deemed a waste of my time when measured with my salary ( so says the ex-boss), I realised that I do have some internal skills that I have yet to hone =D

I guess one would never know how far can one reach unless she reaches out her feet to feel the air first :)
Only when you see the outcome then would you have an answer to your capacity..

But that is not my worry now.

Human resource is such a tricky issue. A sensitive one too. I may not have seen one too many bosses, but I sure do have seen enough to know that some action just doesn't work and no justification is deemed suffice to prove that IT WON"T WORK.

And now I have to get rid of people deem not resourceful..
I am scared - because I am the only female in the office
I am scared - because I can sometimes blurt out very hurtful statement and people may stab me with the office scissors.
I am scared - maybe after all the heated argument the said person still refuses to leave.
But I am seriously scared - if I made the wrong judgement and not very wise decision ;(

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Of Those Beauty Tutorials..

Getting ready to work nowadays seems to be more time-dragging than usual. I gotta look good!. Looking fanstico.. Afterall, it is a male-dominated office and I ain't going to let their lackadaisical in dressing affect me into being a woman. Yes, a painful, biased point perhaps, coming from a female who would do anything just to look good enough for the crowd. An unknown crowd too most of the time. I don't think I have ever skipped a day with no proper make-up before going into office. 

Now that I am embracing the need to look prim and proper and hot (of course) at work (despite working *foreveralone* in the office), I think I am developing some serious shit case of water retention

a freaking 73kgs by NOW!! grandmother of god!! :(

I just don't know where those water comes from!!! And I would want to believe it is water and not poly unsaturated fats. Please no :(

I have been staying awake almost every night digging these inspirational make up tips from BeautyQQ and am totally addicted!! What happened to the 33 years old woman who is supposed to spend more time writing corporate shitzels!? -_-
The wonders of the online world is seriously killing me. So much to learn, so much to be inspired and so much to emulate!

Watching make up tutorials is like... watching Indian movies. They said that when you watch way too much Indian movies, you have a tendency to hope that the man of your life will always be as good looking as Amir Khan, as caring and lovey as Sharukh Khan and as macho as Hrithik Roshan. And that as a woman, one day, sooner or later, no matter how, you will fall unto the hand of a man with the mentioned 3 persona. But in most time, in real life, it doesn't get materialise...
The same with good beauty make up tutorial. Once you watched a couple of it, you start to get a hang of it and attempted the various form of technique taught and visually, emotionally, 'hallucina-cally' envision yourself being transformed.into super-duper-gorgeous-u-wanna-cry hot babe.. 
Queenie Chan of BeautyQQ is addictive and is so awe-inspiring that I literally and practically am late to work ever since I wacthed and emulate her tutorials -_-

I condone shaded eye make-up technique - or whatever you call it..
previously learn from Michelle Phan =D

did you realise I have a 'senget' eyebrow? :(
I am seriously considering cosmetic surgery, if I have not mention before in any post.

eyebrow so wrong...

most probably the thickest eyebrow ever done for a dance act..
still senget!!

the adverse effect of too many Youtube make up tutorial - you just got to see the after result of each tutorial learnt!

can't remember where I learnt this side-swept bangs from. Further enhance my sponge-bob's face...

not sure what is this for, but the first attempt on trying the new foundation i got from Borjois - the organic foundation made from melons and such... yeah, weird much but feels light and orgasmic!! >.<
Eyelining with kajal cone-stick <3

All of the made-up look above have been layered with a good spread of the Safi Balqis - Perfect 10 Beauty Cream before spreading of the Missha BB Cream or the Borjois Healthy Mix Foundation

One happy family- Borjois - Healthy Mix Foundation / Kajal cone / Ettusais Eyeliner

days without makeup and with a slightly better complexion.. or perhaps it's the sunlight..

the cheap and useful skin primer - Safi Balqis Beauty Cream at below RM8!!
I have tried smelling the Gold Series of the beauty cream and don't think I like the halia or whatever chemical smell in it. This is by far the best after the Wangi SP Cream which cost me RM35 a single palette ;)

But on most of the days when I am in the confinement of my small little house, I must say I looked like SHIT
pure shit like that...

OK, bye, I want to go watch more tutorials videos of make up and pole dancing... yes, pole dancing.. =P

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