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Monday, August 13, 2012

Vain and Lame Post

One too many camwhore of late..
It's like a marathon to encapulate whatever balance of youthful essence I am left with in this 33 years old body. Yes, finally I am feeling old compared to those young people I hang out with - online or offline.
It's like at anytime those wrinkles and crow feet will start attacking me and eat my face off that no amount of BB cream can rectify it!

It's so hard being a woman ;(
One second you got to go for Pap Smear and make sure no freaking mushroom / parasites grow in your va jay jay.. Then you gotta worry in case some big ass 5cm lumps grows in your breast. Then sometimes you hormone changes and somehow distort some crap system in your reproduction system and you develop fibroid :/
Give us a break la GOD! Go make the guys have more than blue balls syndrome and erectile dysfunction!
I have added some new members to the supplement community that I consume. Never a regime that I can follow dutifully but still trying to make it a habit to at least maintain the almost zero level of youth left in this body :(

On another note, I can't stop myself from buying another pot of the Safi Beauty Cream. This time it's the one with Sari Lidah Buaya - aloe vera to be exact. Amazingly this is equally good too!! Way better than the Safi Gold. The sales girl at the pharmacy too said that the Safi Rania Gold is way too oily. Review more laters!!

grren cap for the aloe vera essence one!!


  1. can use safi aloe vera beauty cream at day time ah?

    1. it is a day cream :D
      I use it as make up primer - after moisturiser, before foundation :D

    2. Can i wear the safi aloe vera beauty cream alone during the daytime as a moisturiser?i have teenage acne :( and i dont want put much stuff on my face...........tq.

  2. can i use the beauty cream alone,at day time,as a moisturiser?i have acne and i dont want put many things on my face........

  3. Can i wear the beauty cream alone during the day time as a moisturiser?

    1. HI

      Depends on your skin color. As you can see, the color is beige color, and its thick, so you need to try and even it out so it wont look like cake on your face :)

      I would suggest u use gel moisturiser first then only you out on the beauty cream so it's easier to apply when your face is moisturised.
      When you sleep, you cna apply more on the acne area.
      but choose your type of cream.

      the blue or yellow cap bottle is good. there is another Safi Gold which is too oily :)

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