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Monday, December 30, 2013

Wonders of those colorful chemical contents

Was browsing thru Promise Phan's page after aeons of not going in to check out her amazing makeover and spotted these contributions from the readers.

Photo: Use Makeup to enhance your beauty not hide it !!! Post your Make-up Transformation Before & After Pictures on my wall and the best 2 will be featured here on my Facebook page

And yes, no one can deny the wonders of cosmetic. I for sure cannot live without it. Natural beauty apparently doesn't always apply to everyone. And I am the lesser fortunate one. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry X'mas Post (without greetings)

Less than 2 weeks to the wedding day and I am a UK16 now.
Bagus!! Am totyally hopeless now on how do I deal with this.
No freaking idea what kinda shit have gone into me... :(

Aside from cutting off my Indian Classical dance session and having REGULAR lunches and latte, nothing really changes, but the expanding waistlline... Sigh, blaming this on old age :(
Don't think I want to go back to marathon running whihc is really dry and boring!

Attended Tracylyn's event in MMediviron with the MAIN INTENTION to check out the HCG treatment. At RM2200 for a 22 days treatment, it doesn't sound too pricey, but the thought of having to bring home sets of syringes and self inject daily is just not as easy to digest as it sound.
And those online review about HCG treatment didn't contribute much to how the injection works. hmmpphh

Little White Party in Mediviron UOA hosted by Tracylyn

The skills of a professional selfie artist - cannot see the real fat in an OOTD shot!

Went for a face analysis. Reminder to self - you are turning 35 in 2014, please do something about your skin before it sags to the floor! Been more than 6 months that I did not patronise any facial centre. Seriously, does every girl goes for facial? I always believe it's a luxury and somehow I feel that there must be those who cannot afford such a luxury and yet am still able to have good skin. No? Sigh.. it's hard to be a female!
Not even going to elaborate

Quinoa isn't my type of food :/

Protein much? 

One of the dress arrived. Yes! Because I am not mainstream liddat =D
No way am I going to invest RM3888 into a one-day dress and brag in Facebook and any other possible platform that I have a dress with 1200 pieces of Swarovski yada yada.
Ladies and gentleman, here's my 'multi-way' RM288 online purchased dress which I can re-wear after wedding simply by taking off the piece of bulky train! XD
Custom sized some more to fit a UK16 (not happy!)

Took me forever to finish up the wedding invites  as I have so much work at work that I don't want to come home and start cutting brown paper to do envelopes. Decided that I am not giving out most invites. Instead will just have it placed on the table for the guest to bring home and use as bookmarks.


Hello to KennySia's gf!! 
Thought I will give you a holla here so you can reply later on XD
How was your wedding preparation?? ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Just Don't Know

There really isn't much for me to update now that I have only work to spend my life into :(
I am not complaining, literally. (opened a box of grape in the fridge and there's cottony mold)
Because after all, I do find joy in work and powering up the mind to something that can be measured.
Can't be btiching much also in case my humble lil' post are made known to those who is under the same roof - despite the smattering of English that they can master -_-

It's not great it's not a total failure, but there obviously is something wrong with how things is supposed to go about. I don't get how they operate, neither do they get why I act in certain manner. But then, sometimes i don't know why I act in certain manner too. Of late, I take longer time to think of my act to cover all concern and trying to ensure I don't wreck balls like Miley :(

I am listening to a long emo story of a 90 years old granny who will be sent to the old folks home by the 5 well to-do children, despite her ability to be able to walk and lead her own life. Such is life that we will not be able to predict what life will bring in to us ;(
For a moment, I cried. I don't know what is in front for me. I don't know to what extend I will live my life. I hate to think about what lies 24 months ahead. I believe I don't have the ability to do so. Because I equally hate to self-dissapoint if what I have in mind does not meet with what is about to occur.

Life is sometimes not complicated if you choose not to be, but there is this inadequate feeling that sometimes drives you to believe that life isn't that breezy as we want it to be.
Perhaps I am tired. My boss said I am negative :(  perghhhhhh....
Perhaps I am at times. I don't know too. Perhaps I am just a lil' bit expressive, I would like to assume =D
Perhaps I work best when stressed.

After reading about the Yakult ladies, I felt like I want to be one too!
I just don't know what's wrong with me.
Perhaps it's a warm Saturday and I have yet to down any scrambled egg down my throat and I am feeling a that lil' bit of sting from my tooth ;(


preparing for another blogpost in YourShoppingKaki and joining the HTC Halloween Snap-a-pic

Lunch today was meh....half way thru it, it was all soaked up..

Why is The Big Bang Theory so amazingly funny!?

And to end this post;

Have a better week than mine yeah! :)

Less than a 100 days

I think I have less than 100 days to prepare and nothing have been done.
Not even selecting pictures from these thumbnails!
And no, this is not a post, merely a bump up to make the blog alive abit :P

Monday, August 12, 2013


A couple of months before I have to go thru this whole wedding thingamagic
And only today have I made payment to get some wedding dresses in Taobao.
This whole preparation thing is so not my forte. Too much effort needed to go thru these!
Exactly about 5 more months and I will need to go thru this hassle of being draped in white lace and put on a weary smile to 50% of people I know and another 50% of people comprises of people I quaintly know that exist and my presence doesn't really bring much meaning to them.
Doesn't thrill me as I typed about it -_-

Work has been extremely fun! Despite my irregular sleepless night, waking up on my desk with a sweet in my mouth at the wee hours in the morning. Digital marketing ain't easy. Social media is fun yet painstakingly taking a toll in one's hip and happening lifestyle ;(
But I am still liking what I do now :)

Look! I iz smart dy! Can do a properly sized banner! =D

There is so much things going on which keeps me awake and alive! It is most probably the most idiotic thinking that I have but I love to be kept busy and with problems at all time! yes, I am a sucker for critical situations. Yet I also procrastinate alot... >.>

Work outing :/
Most probably not the kind of outing that I enjoy. I am an anti-social person, remember?

The fat club @Joanna's wedding bash in Klang ;)

LOL! Look at the colours!

Most probably the last YSK outing before Sha-Lene leave for good ;(

I have recently gotten my commision. Not like I have never gotten any commision before. But most of the time I leave a job before the commision to my RM12 million contracts are running fully. Yes, I appear like some salesperson who is not hard up for any extra cash -_-
It feels great to have the extra income from some effort you put in. Then again I always have the extra effort which allows me to get extra income each month..urgh.. my point is... It's always a happy occasion to see the income grows =P
Like those stories where you sow some seed and see it grows kinda theory..oh whatever shit.... I am still pretty happy now with my work and yoga and the daily rants in life =D

In a current incident, my current car broke down. Due to some mechanical things that I never understood despite some clarification by the mechanic. I still do not get what was the issue after paying RM800 and gotten my car back. All I know is that I cannot have a failed transport. Not when I do not even know how to change tires!

I walked an hour back home :(
You like my tan? -_-

Some of the biggest obstacles in life that no money can settle and the one that I can never go thru with ease is the pressure of having a failed vehicle and on-going headache. Yes, give me a bull and I may ride on it, but give me a headache and a failed vehicle, I turn soft and mellow and helpless ;(

While I can't do much with the headache besides trying to get more sleep and go buy a better contoured pillow (if I do go shop!), I gotten another commitment up to my nostril - another car.
Yes, 'another' as in an additional ones and not replacing my current ones.
As if there's so many family members that I can share my commitment with. To get rid of the current car is just too much of a hassle, of having to pay another hefty RM10k just to get rid of it >.<
I migh as well keep it and get another.
Just gotta work harder and stop spending on beauty junks.
or I could work harder so I can spend both on the car and beauty junks and clothes and more yoga sessions and........

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not Smarter than a Phone

For the past couple of weeks I have been diligently looking at smartphone reviews, extracting contents that I can use in the social media page that I am currently managing.
Smart phone, automotive and such is really not hitting any sense in my grey mass lying under that greasy scalp.
Boss said that my knowledge in phone is shallow! Doohhh!
For one who still uses a polyphonic ringtone phone, and believes that the advent of technology brings destruction to humankind, can't help it if I am not well versed with that thing that can make calls and surf the net-on-the-go!

Today I had to google new releases of phones for all brands known in Malaysia. Not that it pique my interest, but I just had to. Can't be feeding the wall of my page with pictures of kitty cats no more -_-

Thought I would share with you people on what are the boring stereotype smartphones that will be coming its way for year 2013.

-lots of buttons
-I don't know how it functions actually :/

- Rectangle, slim, flat
- Looks the same for each model
- Takes better picture than an iPhone
- Takes forever to complete a SMS with touch screen

- rectangle, flat and slim (just like any other phone!)
- as I have attended the launch and managed to have a feel of it, it feels like Note 2 in a different brand name :/
- supercalifragilistics high tech picture taking function that I failed to understand, nor do I care. Actually it's just focus and record mode. Or was it record and focus mode? Or was it something else?

- rectangle, slim and like an old piece of Nokia =)
- not like I know how different is an Android compared to Windows phone or IOS, but if they keep having those 'quiz-like' boxes to fill in with functions (I don't know what u call them!), no way would I know how to find the box that says 'SEND SMS'

Samsung oh Samsung
- rectangle, slim and plasticky
- as popular as any other ongoing Korean drama on TV, I guess people just want to be associated to those Kim Jong Kuk or whatever their name is
- any other thing about these phones? I don't know..

Sony Mobile
- I don't really know if Xperia is a series or the company is now a Sony Xperia, but i doubt the latter lor..
- rectangle, black and slim
- with names that I can't differentiate and takes little effort to even name it : Z, X, P , SP.....
- I must say the current Xperia Z Ultra seems like a superb must-have with the HD display and at 6.3mm thin at 212 grams..Waterproof some more. Though I don't know anyone who dive and take calls yet..

Which is your pick eh?

From Everywhere eh?

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