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Thursday, June 25, 2015

RM20 note and some food

These are some of my much loved vinyls that I have beside my desk. It keeps me sane. 
Underneath both of them is a 20 ringgit note given to me to buy myself a cuppa coffee. 

3 months back, if the money comes onto my hand, I think I will not hesitate to walk over to the branded coffee store and get myself a cuppa for real.
 I stared at this piece of note for a moment.

20 ringgit
Can buy me a cuppa that cost me  for RM14 if I want delicious tasting one
Or RM9 for a cuppa so-so cappucino or latte.

20 ringgit 
Cannot buy me, the girl next to me, the girl in front of me and the girl 2 seats aways from me the same kinda coffee that I wanted from the branded store.
So I put it aside, to be safekept by my vinyls. Because, tomorrow will be Thursday and there will be a Buy1 Free 1 promo at Chatime =D
With that, all 4 of us can have a cup each =D


Then there was this person in the same agency who came back with some food.
It was a big bag. No one was really hungry, but I guess there needs to be some diplomatic act once in a while to foster some relationship yada yada. With a luxury bag the cost of 4 clerks' wages and a big bag of food, she took out selectively for selected individual. I took no notice but there was some fumbling communication. And out of this group of 4 person, 2 were given food, another were given food too, and another did not get any. Guess who did not get any? *guess lah!* 

'I really did not mean to look at what was happening, and I guess we caught glances and there were no other choices but to hand out some for me too. This is just too embarrassing." so says the other one who were not mean to be part of the elite team who got handouts. LOL!

'Oh well, at least u got! I got nothing.' so I said.

It really isn't about the handout.
But from this I have learnt. I 
The old typical Chinese me from way back may behave in such manner too - having selective preference and distastefully show it to others for the mean of belittling people.
It would be so fun to look at the reaction of those who did not get to be in the 'selected peers'.
perhaps thats what's embedded in the mind of those who do such act.

Then I tried to recall how I treated Mirza and the rest of my batik team mates.
Wait! I just realised I have never practise such act. In return, I still have these girls contacting me after so many years, I guess I must have done a pretty good job.

Then I asked myself. Here I am, if I put myself in the position as someone from the receiving end but was the odd one out, what is this person expecting of my reaction?
I have no answer.

But at the end of this observation, I am pretty much relieved with how I handle  this and how this has affected me.

I pass this whole scene of with a smile of profoundness. That I am one step forward to becoming a leader. Despite a lot of my weakness. A miniscule step but slowly progressing.
I have realised how much a human person I am against these who have opted to not see beyond the ir shoulder of nepotism. 
And with this, I hope one day I will be able to gain respect from others despite my profanity. Because I choose to see each one as a human whom I will value equally, As long as I can afford.

I was always reminded that I am not there yet. That I am not on par. That I do not fit the corporate scheme. Because of my loudness, my profanity perhaps. 

And today I have just found someone who definitely does not fit in at all. As a leader, as a role model. Not me, sorry.

So I said to the girl who is a lil' disturbed, "It's OK, tomorrow's Chatime will be on me. Someone gave me RM20 and we can share!

'Nah nah nah!!! You say one ah!!!

Yup ;")


  1. I'm so proud of you Datin :')

  2. huhu, so good, got new opportunity~

  3. I love Chatime too! And I'm really proud to have a friend like you!


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