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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why Don't I Get a Cuppa?

"Those girls above the floor got branded coffee"
"Those operation people at the floor below us got coffee, but the cheaper version"
"Why we don't get a cuppa? What are we?"

And the girl seated next to me asked. For once, I don't have a definite answer.

"Perhaps, if I put this in a metaphor - there's a bunch of stray dogs and there are some with cute faces and then there are those with dirty hair, so they get different treatment by passerby."

"OK, so what category are we?"
I really do not have an answer to pacify her restlessness.

"Well, perhaps you are under the category of dogs with flees, nobody wanna even give you a look."
So she rolled her eyes and wasn't pleased with my reply but continued her work.

"You know? It's not really about me not getting a cuppa, but why the segregation of some who got higher end ones, some lower end grades one and some NONE!?"
To which I remarked;
"If you feel under-appreciated and not rewarded for a mere cuppa, always tell yourself to be better than those who get a cuppa merely because someone decides to be generous and give out hand-out. You are worth more than a cuppa handout! And after all, if this is BR1M, I am sure we don't need it" 

"You are so right!" 


"You know what? Let's get each of us a set of Grand Chicken Burger from McDonalds. On the company! And let's go for a round of shave ice sometime this week. All of us here at this floor ok?"

"Oh yes!"

Human, I am beginning to feel sane handling them.

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