Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

No, I Am Not Okay

Sometimes I wish I can sing well, and works as an entertainer who belts out powerful vocals to loud songs.
And maybe works at clubs over the weekends belting songs from Katy Perry, Florence and the Machines and Rihanna maybe..
It's Saturday and not even midnite and here I am, in shorts and free t shirts, lounging at home with nothing much to do.
Those who knows me often wonders why the frak am I stuck at home with no invites to go out. I don't know. I seriously do not know.
It makes me wonder much too - why am I stuck at home with pretty dresses, awesome makeup skills, long stacks of 5 inches heels - and yet.. nowhere to go -_-
It's sad. Much sad that no  NCIS or Grey's Anatomy or Glee can do to wipe off the sober-dom I am suffering.
Wait.. I am not sober..
Perhaps a little bit clueless - as to why am I stuck at home on a Saturday nite when all the not so hot people go out to Jaya One (without make up and wearing RM25 dresses) and hang out in Brussels Beer Cafe getting amazed at a pint of Hoegarrden that kept them there the entire nite..
And I..
And I...
All I get to do on a fine Saturday with remix songs playing in HitzFM is to try to be home as early possible so as to secure a parking spot in this remote residential area ( remote yet not rich residential area, please..) so that I won't need to park at the side of the main road.
Then I get home, go online and be the hippest coolest woman available online, while everyone is offline and happily eating tapas while waiting for 10pm to strike and hit the club... huaaaaaaa.....
All I get to do is answer to obnoxious, long winded question from strangers who emailed me to ask what size should they buy if they want to buy dresses from an external, not related to me, and I certainly do not work for the dress company, and definitely not profiting- on what fits them best.. dafuq!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things That Makes You Happy

What would be the thing that you think would make your day?
As I scroll down the news feed in my Facebook  reading shoutout from friends, I do sense that alot of us are attempting to do alot of things to make life complete. Or I would say to fill the void of being in a blank state of mind. Or in the very least, let other people in our friends' list know that we are leading a LIFE.

Some find joy in cooking. Some find joy in snapping 9,456 pictures of their kids in juts a single day, trying not to miss any single second of their child's development. Yes, not a single glance of that darn baby is left out. Some of course find joy in self adoration - like me.

Self stalking..

Today, I wish to be in deep thoughts, rendering complicated words that can mesmerise you.. making you salivate at the reading of my complexity of contents. I cannot find any single interesting issue that could have pricked upon me today ;(

Sometimes I am concerned.
On why I can eat 'yee mee' for every weekends with the same request to have extra egg and coupled with Nescafe.
On why I can have McD breakfast daily ordering the same thing day in and day out.
On why I can sleep with 4 pillows bundled on a single bed like a pile of rubbish.
On why I can linger around in my room that stores a million strands of my hair strewn on the floor.
On why I keep wishing the world will come to an end
On why I feel the need to look good, dress up but chose to stay at home camwhoring, idling, staring blankly at walls and not go see the other side of the world

Could this be like some aging steps to growing old like what Chindi is yapping about?

It's Saturday today. A not working Saturday. Pleasant.
Took me 3 hours to decide if I should run some errands, meet some friends and try flock off some of the dresses at home. 3 hours randomly self staring at my newly colored hair, checking out results from 2 hours of drenching in the LUS V line mask for a slimmer chin (yesterday), sending work related emails in a bid to impress boss (only to forget he is 3 levels lazier than I am and sometimes asked me why do I keep sending / cc him emails).

I finally decided to finish this post here. Now. Without much content. Because my thoughts were never deep enough to have a proper content.

And I want to go downstairs to get a bowl of 'yee mee' with extra egg coupled with iced cold Nescafe now =_=

(if you notice, the title for the post were not even relevant... that was chosen 3 weeks back when I was slightly happy. I am not that happy today...)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When You Wake Up

Sometimes alot of us try very hard to be the perfect epitome of what we wanted those around us to see.
So we talk like a boss
We smirk like a succesful business person securing a great deal
We give opinion like a prime minister
We make decision like we are the grandmaster from Lord of the Ring

Little did we know
From another corner of the table
They may perceive you on another perspective you never knew
You talk like an aged diva with no essence
Your wry smile reminds others that you are as crude as the nosy neughbour next door who steals the neighbourhood sandals
Your opinion does not matter, because no one will be convinced that your house can be a temple
Your decision making skills is so scarce that the smell of a fart makes a bigger impact

To tell you that you sucks is to tell the mirror that it is dirty
To not to tell you anything is most probably a catalyst to enlarge the ego tumor in you
To laugh at you is like laughing at a sore loser who have yet to know how sore is the wound on the feet

I feel for you my friend..
I feel..
When you have learnt that life is more than what you perceive it is according to your egoistic opinion
Perhaps then you can knock on my door and say Hi :)

totally irrelevant but Hi!! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lizard oh Gizzards

I seriously hate this darn creature.. so much more gross than the dirty crockcroaches. Interestingly, there isn't any cockroaches at home but there is like an entire Joe Lizardy family clan monopolising the bottom of the sofa couches and every dark corner possible tat they can locate with their darn gross GPS and pervetic stare.

So I spotted a big fat juicy cold looking one, looking like a dinosaur lying near the cabinet where my lens casing are and next to a dust bin, next to my room's door!! At midnight. It didn't move and was lookign fresh as ever. Tried jumping and create some motion on the floor and the stupid thing was haningin on like a cool dude!!! Hate it!!!!! Y U NO Scare of me??

Checked again at 12.35am
Then 1.30am. Then 2.15am.
Then 3.00 am.
Then 3.54am.

Yes I was awake in hope that the stupid darn cold 'alligator' would wake up from his pervetic glaring sleep and leave me alone!

It's pretty disgusting and not to mention I'm known to have a flair in my imagination.
I literally felt it.
When I was in the shower, it feels like it's raining lizards.
When I was munching chips while watching, it feels like I am having fried lizards :S
When I sleep, I sometimes wonder if it does crawl over my face, pee on into my nostril and licked my ears and whip it's fragile tail onto my mouth !!!!

I woke up with a fever and a headache and an awfully weird feeling in my tummy. As if I have swallowed a lizard or the curse of the lizards have controlled me. The darn lizard was still staying stagnant in his cool position!

I had to endure the pain and dizziness and the purging feeling the entire day!!
Till Ma came home and I asked her to rid the lizard.

And at 9.30pm it was out of the house.

Guess what...

The dreadfull headache and the purging urge and the drowsiness are gone after that!!!

OMFG u darn gross animal!!! What an impact you made to my life!!

On a random note, to losers with doubts

From Everywhere eh?

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