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Monday, April 9, 2012

Lizard oh Gizzards

I seriously hate this darn creature.. so much more gross than the dirty crockcroaches. Interestingly, there isn't any cockroaches at home but there is like an entire Joe Lizardy family clan monopolising the bottom of the sofa couches and every dark corner possible tat they can locate with their darn gross GPS and pervetic stare.

So I spotted a big fat juicy cold looking one, looking like a dinosaur lying near the cabinet where my lens casing are and next to a dust bin, next to my room's door!! At midnight. It didn't move and was lookign fresh as ever. Tried jumping and create some motion on the floor and the stupid thing was haningin on like a cool dude!!! Hate it!!!!! Y U NO Scare of me??

Checked again at 12.35am
Then 1.30am. Then 2.15am.
Then 3.00 am.
Then 3.54am.

Yes I was awake in hope that the stupid darn cold 'alligator' would wake up from his pervetic glaring sleep and leave me alone!

It's pretty disgusting and not to mention I'm known to have a flair in my imagination.
I literally felt it.
When I was in the shower, it feels like it's raining lizards.
When I was munching chips while watching, it feels like I am having fried lizards :S
When I sleep, I sometimes wonder if it does crawl over my face, pee on into my nostril and licked my ears and whip it's fragile tail onto my mouth !!!!

I woke up with a fever and a headache and an awfully weird feeling in my tummy. As if I have swallowed a lizard or the curse of the lizards have controlled me. The darn lizard was still staying stagnant in his cool position!

I had to endure the pain and dizziness and the purging feeling the entire day!!
Till Ma came home and I asked her to rid the lizard.

And at 9.30pm it was out of the house.

Guess what...

The dreadfull headache and the purging urge and the drowsiness are gone after that!!!

OMFG u darn gross animal!!! What an impact you made to my life!!

On a random note, to losers with doubts

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