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Saturday, June 27, 2009

When You Die First

Eason says: micheal jackson die
Suet Mun says: he not my brother

Eason says: :D
Eason says: king of pop
Suet Mun says: also not my brother

And so that celebrity was dead.. Only now that he is officially dead, most of those people in Facebook took some initiative to go dig up some MJ video clip and keep jamming up FB news feed with that plastic man's videos, messages and pictures..

I don't get it. When your grandma pass away, why don't you post snippets of her life in youtube showcasing her making butter cookies for new year leh? Or when she makes nasi lemak to go and sell and pay you thru school.
When your Grandpa passes away too, why is there no pictures of him in his self made ciggie? And why is there no shout out of "Ah Kong!! I love you very much!!! I will put joss stick to your altar everyday!!"

And then Michael jackson dies.. half day earlier than another uncle... whom I suspected may have died ..
I saw him lie flat on the road..
Which makes me wonder sometimes.. how is it being determined when do we have our life taken away. Who determines it?
I saw that uncle lie flat at the side of the busy road... like this.. (while the damn radio keep playing MJ's songs)
Sigh... most probably his wife would not have known till after 3 more hours when she is notified by the hospital. And when she knows, most probably, she do not know what is there to do but to wail and wail..And when she wail, most probably there will be too much things in her mind ( who is goin to feed the family, what is she goona do without a husband, how is she goona survive for the next 10 more years, how can she bear looking at the tragically dead husband)
Then again, he may not have a wife. he may be a single uncle who may have worked as a carpenter, carving walk-in closets for you rich fashionista, installing air-conds for you rich brats, mending toilet bowls for you ignorant rich arse. Which means he have just ended his life without the privilege of having children to mourn his death and put flowers on his grave during the Ghost festival. Which also means that most probably his corpse would be lying for a couple of days in the mortuary till .. till.. I dont know, but I am sure those people in the mortuary have a way to handle it..
That torn pants, old combed cotton shirt.. Obviously he must have carved a lot of closets or built-in cabinets.. or mend a lot of toilet bowls.. but I don't think he have tasted or even know what is a spaghetti carbonara,caviar, or even the oh-so-nice tiramisu cake. A staple of mix-rice for lunch, ba ku teh for dinner and the occasional 50 cents butter cake packed in some oddly designed plastic taken during tea time at the local mamak.. is already a blessing, without much complain.
Why was he chosen to leave first? In a tragic way..? Could it be he have sinned in the past? Could it be that he have nothing much in life to look forward to, hence God think its better to end it? HOw does the theory of life and death dictates the what nots of a person's? How do God make one go first?
is this what the Lord do to end the life? finger-push him..

However he dies, anyone dying is sad .. except for the's even sadder when one who dies, just dies without having a real taste of the finer things in life....
yah, I get an enormous guilt arising when I am able to afford things that people cannot afford..I felt sad when I can go for the expensive Korean food whom the uncle carpenter can only assume how it taste. I felt bad when I can afford those stupid mix of cocktails drinks which most probably cost the equal amount of uncle carpenter's wage for a day.
I hope I can have all uncle carpenter to build me walk-in closets, mend my toilets and I would let them have a savour of the finer things in life..maybe not caviar, but at least a cabonara.. but i aint Donald Trump! Then I thought maybe I should also be humble and not spend the hard earned money on cabonara. After all, uncle carpenter never had any besides his daily staple of mix rice. but then that would mean I would die no knowing how a cabonara tase like!!
oh god!!! I am dumbfounded.. I am sorry you left in such manner. I hope I can be the Prime Minister so that i can make everyone of you wear clean clothes despite your profession, and feed you cabonara just so you know how it taste like, and give you a comfortable living so that you will not die in regret...
Till now I am still not able to understand why u have got to go first...but whoever you are, you deserve a mention just as how that black singer deserves his. After all u made someone's life brighter by making their gorgeous closet.. or planted some gold toilet bowls.. Im sorry, I do not know in exact what do you do..

In your next life I hope you get to drive a Mercedes and not a motorbike anymore.

Even if you still got to drive a motorbike, I hope you are a contented biker-uncle-carpenter who have tasted at least cabonara or kimchi.

Rest In Peace..

*the frequent mention of cabonara does not literally indicate writer have never tasted any before. She had. maybe..

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