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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hot Sunday Morning

It's been less than a month I am in a new environment but it feels like I have done so much for the past few weeks! Slept a lot. Wrote alot of business proposal, be if for others or for own pet projects. And one of the thing that I wanted to do much would be to be on the writing / blogging mode again. Just so, in case my command of English deteriorates unknowingly :S

Now that YourShoppingKaki is almost defunct on total hiatus, I have been itching itching and itching to write like crazy! Not to mention camwhoring neh =P 
And it's rather pointless for me to vent in Suhana here cus there are after all so limited readers and only 6 followers so far. That's almost to the point of being pointless for me to even camwhore or review products to share with those shopaholics out there. Hence, would you all please support abit and keep my readership going up eh?

If all things goes as smooth as the white tofu, I will be back on the blog-wagon, blogging about fashion(pfttt...  I have a bland taste btw) in Keep In Vogue , a rather new review site.
I must say to have a site requires much dedication.. I have been pestered by lots of my friends to actually do a site of my own to do my own review and such since I yearn for fame so much =D
Don' think I will be doing that for now. Not at all. Not until I find a webmaster who will be able to manage the dotcom fashion magazine I envision, and roping in a panel of editorial team that comprises of  4 blog writers, 2 fashionista camwhorer to fill the fashion spread on daily basis, an independant photographer who have a love for sultry and almost near naked pictures and  a marketing personnel to man the advertising and promotion section and a continuous stream of reviewers from few age categories.

Oh welll... too much fantasies in a Sunday morning! ;)

To kickstart my new platform in Keep In Vogue, I had a few online sellers that have given so much support and have sponsored me their products for review in KIV =)
I am glad that the very least that my irritating camwhore and loosely written review is much appreciated hence the continuous support from them :)

Melody Love Fashion will be one of those that I will be reviewing on. If you are familiar with MLF, they are like a one stop centre for fashion needs. From Korean and Taiwan clothing to little purses to hair extension and of course their famous hair curling iron that is going cheap!

as seen on Nicole Richie - Grecian Bib necklace
Vintage Lace Collar Add-On Piece (great camwhore piece!)
Candy Coloured Slim and Sleek Purse <3

And of course, I love their set of 4 pc hair extension!! <3 <3 <3

Because, it transform this kinda hair ;

to this!!!

I twisted all the straight hair to blend into the curls ;)

volumising not!?

Stay tuned for the actual review in KIV ;)
I have no idea of the feel of the post as I have never worked with KIV before and not knowing them personally enough to know if they can accept my writing. Let's see...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Names, names..

SecuriTeam, TeamTech
AdvanTech Security, Surveon Security
Nexus Security
even DreamTeam is taken! FML

And these are some of the names that I reluctantly have came up with.
I am in the midst of dropping the company name of this place which I am currently working and attempting to replace it with a better-sounding intonation.

I googled and googled and even googled more articles to read and learn on how people name their techy gadgets like iPod, BlackBerry and so I decided on a different approach in naming..
Pink Guava
Red Cable,  Blue Cable
BlueDome, BlueStone
Safe Box Security

Darn...and there goes 2 days of 'penultimate idylic'  mode with nothing much being done.
I hsd the corporate profile semi completed, name cards done, and pending to register the company into certain governmental bodies so we can share the cake in doing governmental stuff =D
And now am stuck in determining a brand!! Which leads to the designer having to put on hold of the designing job of the main brand logo and the company leaflet and also the t shirt design.

What could possibly be wrong with Blue Dome Security? If a tooth can be blue and a berry can be black and a dome camera cannot be blue? I can almost envision the entire aerodynamic logo of a dome camera facade with those ergonomic line details along it!!

It's almost a month that I am here in this humble and almost remote working space and I am not liking it!! Because.... there is too much freedom!! TEEHEE!! =D  =D 
I should really find more work scope to torture myself with. Perhaps I am too used to be nagged and monitored too close and indirectly bugged to devote myself in body and soul that I am so not used to this now!

So, yeah, I washed the toilet once because I can't stand the sight of mud stain they left on the tiles.
The boys offered to vacuum the floor and throw the rubbish and wash the vacuum dirt! <3 <3

Things are pretty fine over here, though I hope they can work in a speedier mode and get things done in a more cost-effective, high productivity and time-saving mode. Which I believe is the essence in conserving funds and increasing KPI in an organisation ;)

Lots of stuff that I am looking forward to change and implement. And my main priority now is to kill all bad debtors and squish them to pay the office every single cents that they owe us and squeeze them dry from pee and sweat =D
And I have so much things I wanted to implement and make this the best system integrator organisation possible!!
But in the meantime I guess I need to yawn and keep myself updated with HDMI, TVLine, Video Analytics and such.. yawnnn


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enterprising Online Entrepreneuers

To which I think is simply a gimmick..
Nevertheless still an effort to come up with an event, so that me, you and everyone else in the online comunity will have an avenue to again spend money without listening to the Prime Minister Budget 2012 speech.

I am not sure if it was me suffering from the symptom of avoiding people, but there seems to be a lesser crowd this year. Last year was sickeningly crowded with people and vendors. Despite a boast of 170 vendors this year, I am not sure where did the other 70 vendors were =D

Agape Boutique were there, all the way from Penang, Emcee Couture with their paddle pop hued maxi collection, Like Igloo making sales like nobody's business, Survival Blogshop hogging bazaars as usual, Sachi Mieko was there with every accesories under the sky, and Peep was there too. To WIN! =D
There were many more familiar names of the online community that gathers in the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, with the sole purpose to make more profit. And customers were familiar faces too as mmost of those who came were regular online buyers =D

Being a marketeer myself and my day job as a Business Development Manager (yes, I started work already!), I can't help but to have lots of thoughts here and there.. Can't help it, it's programmed in the mind!

Paypal is probably the biggest sponsor for this year Mofew, with the intention to introduce a convenient way of shopping without cash. I had registered for a paypal account previously, which was under-utilised ;)
There are more and more online blogshops adopting the Paypal method of payment, especially those blogshop that do really well in business and have further expanded to taking international orders.

The thing about our local online community is that a majority of these buyers and sellers are students both in colleges and in university. I woud say at least a 50% of these shoppers are sudents of higher education, while the other portion of the population are shared by both secondary school students and young working executives (like me!).

Paypal transaction requires one to own a credit card and somehow these are the group of people who most probably do not own any and have been relying solely on the comfort of maybank2u transaction or ATM transfer =D

It is a good effort though, but it is going to take some time for the local shoppers to have the awareness and the capacity to be able to adopt to the system.

the new mode of payment - QR Code that most probably won't function unless your wireless / mobile broadband works ;)


Like Igloo's booth

If it wasn't because I had promised Michelle to help her with her booth, I don't think I would have make any effort to come over to the bazaar. I am still in the saving-mode now, and learning that the ex-company most probably not going to reimburse my claims for the past few months (a typical act by small companies), I am not left with much choice but to stinge abit to pay up for expenses used on the stupid ex-company previously.. Sigh..

I always love selling and I think I did a great job! =D
But this is most probably the most unlucky time I have encountered while selling. I think I got too immersed into chatitng with a particular customer purchased RM170 worth of products. And guess what... I actually could have misplaced the money she gave or I could have handed it all back to her not knowingly. All because I may have been over-friendly and chatting non stop to persuade her to buy more =(
If she really did take the money back (knowingly and unknowingly), and a butt, a wizzit and few more other stuff, then she is just one lucky bitch! Urggghh!!!

Then, there were the Mofew Entrepreneurs search yada yada thing. A good concept to help to promote the OFE (online fashion entrepreneurs) but too many loophole in between and I think most of the OFE don't get the overall concept of how it works but they still manage to go through all the tasks  ;)

Ila during her presentation. I personally think she did well in presenting a business concept, though she ought to be a bit more expressive ;)

Wei Ni! who keep saying she gonna die die die cus she did no no no preparation. And guess who who who won for the day?... >.<

So, I vowed not to buy anything during the 3 days I am there since I am semi-jobless at the time. 
But I couldn't help it. These 3 bitches were calling for me!

Leona the leopard pumps, Seline the sude black pumps, Rose the dusty rose open toe heels
all from Agape Boutique. Bought 2 handmade bow-ribbon for God-knows-for-what, and a top from Peep

See how I am now 171cm tall with Seline over here? =D

Monday, November 7, 2011

A New Suhana Perhaps?

Heh, I am still not over this new point of my life yet and can't stop thinking of what I can do now that I have the room (I mean space here) to do things on my own.
On another thought, perhaps, I am too free and have no one to talk to at home, hence the almost constant lame post you can see here.. OMG!! -_-

But now that I have the liberty to be expressive without having to confront a corporate management team on why I like to blog and deciding on the level of boldness that I can express, perhaps it's time for Suhana to have a better life than lamenting on the misery of life. And blog contents should be have less of "OMG!! my work is like shit and I'm in hell" and have more of "Awww!!! I love what I see and I am gonna share with the world, regardless of you like it or not!"

I am currently working on some t-shirt design for my favourite yoga studio :) Well, I have only been to one yoga studio anyway =P
I am thinking along the line to have a pretty extensive collection : from dri-fit yoga fitted sleeveless top to basic round necked after-yoga-tee to couple yoga tee =P Yeah, greedy... I know!

some asanas that I want to use in shadow form on the t-shirt besides the reverse namaste form :)

I miss yoga ;( 
I am hoping to recoup soon financially and maybe emotionally for me to embrace on a better chapter in life. And I want to make up lots of time losses. It's time that I contribute more to the home I have. To create a better living to ma in this small hut that we reside in. I must admit all this while I have neglected the home.
We leave the house at 9am and comes back after 9pm. Clothes are mostly left to hang on dryer and only to be taken down when we need to wear it. Water are boiled only if we ran out of drinking water. Curtain are only changed only if it is dirty. Yeah, we live like bachelors O.o

It is time now that I should start making life a better environment for Ma if not for me. I must admit I have neglected her much for the past years. I fetch her everyday in a hurry after work. And I sorta get fed-up having to do the routine. Because I am tired. from work. From worrying not to be able to get enough sales. I bring her to the same restaurant almost 3 times a week and was so ignorant that she had weak teeth at her age now. And yet she did not once made a comment that she had difficulty in eating those meat and veggies that requires lots of chewing.

She never ever ask me to drive her to shop. Because she knows I am busy to the brim at work. And in my heart, I always pretend not to hear if she have any request. Because I am running short of time and my only priority is my work.
She spend as little as she can. Perhaps because I have never given her enough. Yet she never complains. And I try not to think about it. Because I am busy at work. 

Now that I have a little time... to reach her workplace earlier and with some space in my mind.. I just noticed all the little things I have ignored previously. Simply because I am too busy at work chasing dreams which were not mine..

We are not as lucky as alot of people out there as we were not born rich. We were not born too poor either. Otherwise I would not be the 70kg woman I am now :)
As much as I used to be bothered by my lack of tertiary education compared to cousins and friends who have so much to boast about uni times and all, it never dampen my spirit to excel. And perhaps this attitude in me have brought out the worst in me - to only look into excelling in work and neglected life and people around me. And I think Ma was seriously neglected. Because nothing really matters most to me than work before this..

I hope it is not too late now for me to make back the losses. To her, to life and to those around me. 

I must say despite being a non-religious person who sometimes have doubts if my prayers are answered, I have met lots of nice people in life that given me much strength, directy or indirectly :) I think those prayers do work!!

Now that I have drown myself in much sorrow, I look forward to what's in front!!

Thank you all!! <3

Job-free Week 1

I went stationery shopping and got myself a ledger book and some pencils and a stack of sketch book.
Mini Project 1 have started and I am pretty happy so far ;)
A small start but definitely the first step. After almost 7 years of doing stuff for other people.
I am now glad to be out on my own doing things that I enjoy doing without the constant monitoring and preaching that I am of no good -_-

It's pretty sick when you are under the mechanical control of something / someone and it constraint your freedom to explore. Now I do understand why there are so many freeloaders out there who rather eat less, spend less and do less for the live that they yearn for. I am not sure if I want to spend less, eat less, but it is a habit I am emulating now since I am one third 'job-free'. I am not gonna call myself job-less, because I do have a job. A job that I have recently embarked on with those little perks that I never used to be able to have : great incentive for every effort translated into sales, car servicing!! (hell yeah!), and flexible working office hour =) =)  =)

The above leave me time for some mini project which I have kickstarted TODAY! =)  =)  =)

Mini project Sketch =P

I had all my raw materials and have started working on it. It is most probably not going to make me a rich fat woman, but I would be pretty happy to be able to have people who loves my work, hopefully.

This is the first week being off from that permanently dead job. And what have I done... let's see
-Slept a lot
-Angry bird-ed alot
-Been going out rekindling moments with supplier friends, friends from school, friends from bazaars
-Completed a corporate profile for a friend, almost!
- Finished up at least 30 sketches for Mini Project
-Attended my Odissi class as usual
-Driven to Nilai by some bazaar friends =D

Jalan-jalan di Nilai3 with Rena and Peep

And I had the bestest surprise today during Odissi class! My guruji have decided to give me a set of the Odissi accessories!!!!! OMG!!!! As much as I do not have much excitement in my expression, but I am excited!! Having a set of the accessories from a teacher is like having Amir Khan patting you on the shoulder and telling you that you are one step closer to an opportunity to act alongside him *doe-eyed*

my first Odissi accessories from guruji

Initially I had wanted to get a set for myself. Somehow some thoughts stopped me. I wanted to conserve some funds since I am semi-job-less and should seriously spend less. As at now I have also temporarily stopped yoga session for the sake of funds conservation. The least of choice that I wanted to opt for, but I guess I have to at this point, till I get things sorted out.

But overall, I guess I had made the best option to move on and explore the world according to me ;)
Hello world! My name is Cynthia and yes! I am now free to blog according to me!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The First

This is the first weekday I am without a permanent job and third day since I left a 'comfort zone' - pfftt..
Perhaps, you won't be amazed as there are so many people who opt to lead life without a permanent income and still survive and be able to afford IT gadgets that I have always stinge myself from :)

I am always amazed and respects those who are bold enough to make such choices in life. I have no guts to do so. As I seriously enjoy nice Spanish meal in Cava, fanciful lunches in 21 Tables and Terrace and the comfort of all things air-conditioned. But I am not rich. Neither am I poor though. Merely a working citizen who have a little expectation in life and do not mind working towards in. But along the way sometimes we get demotivated due to much external factors that we cannot control. And we later tun to useless parasites. Or are forced to be robotic in taking instructions and allegations and implementation. It is a part of life, of course. And how you react after these act of events will determine where you get yourself landed. I somehow landed back on my bed with a newly bought tab and almost got debt-ridden bed-ridden. A story that requires no further elaboration as I have been attending to so many inquiry about it.

I have not made any drastic choice in life by quitting willingly and leave to rot in home. I get paranoid having to think what will happen after that. I should not be paranoid in the first place as I already had so much vision on what  I really wanted to do. But the paranoia feel always manages to never fail to make me feel more paranoid that I started to off the fan and lights and stopped eating to save up some money in case things don't go as expected. But this time, as much as I am equally paranoid, I did not drown myself in alcohol or cigarettes or sleep. it feels.. hmm ... I don't know.. it's feels like a naturla thing to do this time...

I am taking it as a blessing in disguise. And hopefully a GREAT disguise. And it is also through such turbulent journey in life (ok, maybe not THAT turbulent that is life threatening, but a job is very important to me!)
And I seriously hate writing in such a 'disguising' mode because I seriously am deviating from the actual content without me knowing it....

But it is through these waves of life that we be reminded that despite this hectic life that we lead,  having sickening yelling and complaints and all this bad vibes around us, there are good souls amongst it that will surface when you are in despair.  Whether you need them or not is another concern,  but it is great to have this human empathy which is rapidlly diminished in many of us corporate rats.

2 days ago I was offered an empty office willingly at no cost, to operate whatever that I wanted to operate. Today I was again offered by another good souls to also operate in his office at my descretion to do whatever I intended to do. And he has also taken care of the preparing of call cards O.o

It is thru times like this that people who have faith in you, regardless that they may be working acquaintances or common friends, it is a real comfort to see that there are KIND people still existing in this world. Before this, I seriously assume I need to sharpen the blade of protection I kept under my arm, to shield of all ass-kissing, money-blinking, laser-bitching, wicked species who waits eagerly to attack you once they got your wek point.

And I have been receivng whatsapp messages from  people I do not expect to get in touch with, via my deb-ridden new Tab and it feels like as if a re-union random gathering of me and the living world is happening! ;)

As much as I plan to keep a lower profile and quench my thirst for my artistic desire, I woke up early enough to reach a freelance location, and meeting up with acquaintances who shares my passion and sentiment in what I do.

By now, I had to have a list of To Do as there are things that requires to be done before I fully embark on a new journey :)

Today is most probably the first time I am able to smile unknowingly with no muscle strain after 5 years.

Welcome to Life. Again.

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