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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hot Sunday Morning

It's been less than a month I am in a new environment but it feels like I have done so much for the past few weeks! Slept a lot. Wrote alot of business proposal, be if for others or for own pet projects. And one of the thing that I wanted to do much would be to be on the writing / blogging mode again. Just so, in case my command of English deteriorates unknowingly :S

Now that YourShoppingKaki is almost defunct on total hiatus, I have been itching itching and itching to write like crazy! Not to mention camwhoring neh =P 
And it's rather pointless for me to vent in Suhana here cus there are after all so limited readers and only 6 followers so far. That's almost to the point of being pointless for me to even camwhore or review products to share with those shopaholics out there. Hence, would you all please support abit and keep my readership going up eh?

If all things goes as smooth as the white tofu, I will be back on the blog-wagon, blogging about fashion(pfttt...  I have a bland taste btw) in Keep In Vogue , a rather new review site.
I must say to have a site requires much dedication.. I have been pestered by lots of my friends to actually do a site of my own to do my own review and such since I yearn for fame so much =D
Don' think I will be doing that for now. Not at all. Not until I find a webmaster who will be able to manage the dotcom fashion magazine I envision, and roping in a panel of editorial team that comprises of  4 blog writers, 2 fashionista camwhorer to fill the fashion spread on daily basis, an independant photographer who have a love for sultry and almost near naked pictures and  a marketing personnel to man the advertising and promotion section and a continuous stream of reviewers from few age categories.

Oh welll... too much fantasies in a Sunday morning! ;)

To kickstart my new platform in Keep In Vogue, I had a few online sellers that have given so much support and have sponsored me their products for review in KIV =)
I am glad that the very least that my irritating camwhore and loosely written review is much appreciated hence the continuous support from them :)

Melody Love Fashion will be one of those that I will be reviewing on. If you are familiar with MLF, they are like a one stop centre for fashion needs. From Korean and Taiwan clothing to little purses to hair extension and of course their famous hair curling iron that is going cheap!

as seen on Nicole Richie - Grecian Bib necklace
Vintage Lace Collar Add-On Piece (great camwhore piece!)
Candy Coloured Slim and Sleek Purse <3

And of course, I love their set of 4 pc hair extension!! <3 <3 <3

Because, it transform this kinda hair ;

to this!!!

I twisted all the straight hair to blend into the curls ;)

volumising not!?

Stay tuned for the actual review in KIV ;)
I have no idea of the feel of the post as I have never worked with KIV before and not knowing them personally enough to know if they can accept my writing. Let's see...

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