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Monday, November 7, 2011

Job-free Week 1

I went stationery shopping and got myself a ledger book and some pencils and a stack of sketch book.
Mini Project 1 have started and I am pretty happy so far ;)
A small start but definitely the first step. After almost 7 years of doing stuff for other people.
I am now glad to be out on my own doing things that I enjoy doing without the constant monitoring and preaching that I am of no good -_-

It's pretty sick when you are under the mechanical control of something / someone and it constraint your freedom to explore. Now I do understand why there are so many freeloaders out there who rather eat less, spend less and do less for the live that they yearn for. I am not sure if I want to spend less, eat less, but it is a habit I am emulating now since I am one third 'job-free'. I am not gonna call myself job-less, because I do have a job. A job that I have recently embarked on with those little perks that I never used to be able to have : great incentive for every effort translated into sales, car servicing!! (hell yeah!), and flexible working office hour =) =)  =)

The above leave me time for some mini project which I have kickstarted TODAY! =)  =)  =)

Mini project Sketch =P

I had all my raw materials and have started working on it. It is most probably not going to make me a rich fat woman, but I would be pretty happy to be able to have people who loves my work, hopefully.

This is the first week being off from that permanently dead job. And what have I done... let's see
-Slept a lot
-Angry bird-ed alot
-Been going out rekindling moments with supplier friends, friends from school, friends from bazaars
-Completed a corporate profile for a friend, almost!
- Finished up at least 30 sketches for Mini Project
-Attended my Odissi class as usual
-Driven to Nilai by some bazaar friends =D

Jalan-jalan di Nilai3 with Rena and Peep

And I had the bestest surprise today during Odissi class! My guruji have decided to give me a set of the Odissi accessories!!!!! OMG!!!! As much as I do not have much excitement in my expression, but I am excited!! Having a set of the accessories from a teacher is like having Amir Khan patting you on the shoulder and telling you that you are one step closer to an opportunity to act alongside him *doe-eyed*

my first Odissi accessories from guruji

Initially I had wanted to get a set for myself. Somehow some thoughts stopped me. I wanted to conserve some funds since I am semi-job-less and should seriously spend less. As at now I have also temporarily stopped yoga session for the sake of funds conservation. The least of choice that I wanted to opt for, but I guess I have to at this point, till I get things sorted out.

But overall, I guess I had made the best option to move on and explore the world according to me ;)
Hello world! My name is Cynthia and yes! I am now free to blog according to me!

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