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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enterprising Online Entrepreneuers

To which I think is simply a gimmick..
Nevertheless still an effort to come up with an event, so that me, you and everyone else in the online comunity will have an avenue to again spend money without listening to the Prime Minister Budget 2012 speech.

I am not sure if it was me suffering from the symptom of avoiding people, but there seems to be a lesser crowd this year. Last year was sickeningly crowded with people and vendors. Despite a boast of 170 vendors this year, I am not sure where did the other 70 vendors were =D

Agape Boutique were there, all the way from Penang, Emcee Couture with their paddle pop hued maxi collection, Like Igloo making sales like nobody's business, Survival Blogshop hogging bazaars as usual, Sachi Mieko was there with every accesories under the sky, and Peep was there too. To WIN! =D
There were many more familiar names of the online community that gathers in the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, with the sole purpose to make more profit. And customers were familiar faces too as mmost of those who came were regular online buyers =D

Being a marketeer myself and my day job as a Business Development Manager (yes, I started work already!), I can't help but to have lots of thoughts here and there.. Can't help it, it's programmed in the mind!

Paypal is probably the biggest sponsor for this year Mofew, with the intention to introduce a convenient way of shopping without cash. I had registered for a paypal account previously, which was under-utilised ;)
There are more and more online blogshops adopting the Paypal method of payment, especially those blogshop that do really well in business and have further expanded to taking international orders.

The thing about our local online community is that a majority of these buyers and sellers are students both in colleges and in university. I woud say at least a 50% of these shoppers are sudents of higher education, while the other portion of the population are shared by both secondary school students and young working executives (like me!).

Paypal transaction requires one to own a credit card and somehow these are the group of people who most probably do not own any and have been relying solely on the comfort of maybank2u transaction or ATM transfer =D

It is a good effort though, but it is going to take some time for the local shoppers to have the awareness and the capacity to be able to adopt to the system.

the new mode of payment - QR Code that most probably won't function unless your wireless / mobile broadband works ;)


Like Igloo's booth

If it wasn't because I had promised Michelle to help her with her booth, I don't think I would have make any effort to come over to the bazaar. I am still in the saving-mode now, and learning that the ex-company most probably not going to reimburse my claims for the past few months (a typical act by small companies), I am not left with much choice but to stinge abit to pay up for expenses used on the stupid ex-company previously.. Sigh..

I always love selling and I think I did a great job! =D
But this is most probably the most unlucky time I have encountered while selling. I think I got too immersed into chatitng with a particular customer purchased RM170 worth of products. And guess what... I actually could have misplaced the money she gave or I could have handed it all back to her not knowingly. All because I may have been over-friendly and chatting non stop to persuade her to buy more =(
If she really did take the money back (knowingly and unknowingly), and a butt, a wizzit and few more other stuff, then she is just one lucky bitch! Urggghh!!!

Then, there were the Mofew Entrepreneurs search yada yada thing. A good concept to help to promote the OFE (online fashion entrepreneurs) but too many loophole in between and I think most of the OFE don't get the overall concept of how it works but they still manage to go through all the tasks  ;)

Ila during her presentation. I personally think she did well in presenting a business concept, though she ought to be a bit more expressive ;)

Wei Ni! who keep saying she gonna die die die cus she did no no no preparation. And guess who who who won for the day?... >.<

So, I vowed not to buy anything during the 3 days I am there since I am semi-jobless at the time. 
But I couldn't help it. These 3 bitches were calling for me!

Leona the leopard pumps, Seline the sude black pumps, Rose the dusty rose open toe heels
all from Agape Boutique. Bought 2 handmade bow-ribbon for God-knows-for-what, and a top from Peep

See how I am now 171cm tall with Seline over here? =D

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