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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A New Job Perhaps

This is the week that I most probbaly felt the highest surge of desire to actually start looking for a job - I logged onto Jobstreet for the first time. Not to advertise for vacancy for the company I am currently attached to. But to browse on jobs that I think I can perhaps give a try. Finally.

Previous stint in the batik factory full of faggots was a real nightmare that ended on time before 2012 hits. I practically released a big heavy clog of breath which I have kept for the past 6 or 7 years. I can't say that nothing was learnt. Because I learnt a lot. And I am much wiser. And I got back a life which alot more options to steer.

My only problem now - I am too free for what I have been paid for >.<
Most probably an understatement. But I am seriously feeling a bit lacking in leadership, in vision and in energy. Because I had way too much freedom. Such is what freedom can do to break one's life ;/

It is pretty sad to see that my vision was not shared among peers. I finally have to bow to the saying that 'You can't teach a china man to eat scone. Cus he's been eating char siew pau since forever'

I have an option to join them if I can't lead them. But I do not wish to think that such principle shall apply in situation I am in now.

Given more lease of freedom to me, I think I can do much more than what I am doing now. Visually hoping to steer the organisation to a greater height than where it is now. But that would mean I need to start firing those who doesn't understand the corporate trade. And that means firing all of them. Maybe that's not an option :(

If you can't change, shall you leave? This is not politic, where you turn to be an Opposition and fight till the end. Because there really isn't much to fight for. But for a better prospect for ownself.

Dilemma dilemma...

On another note, I managed to tidy up stacks of books and magazines in the room and stashed alot of it.
Fatty may not be pleased to come visit and see that I have a room full of arhives of magazines dated since 2008. Guess what have I thrown - Fashion magazines & SME Business magazines?

I threw away all the batik magazines, those fashion magazines, pretiges, Madam Chair and all!!
And I kept all the SME magazines :)

I guess I have always knew what I really love. Despite so many years in fashion and still blogs about fashion, fashion is just fashion. It's like how you like wearing pretty clothes and pretty make up and the hippest heels, and it's just fashion. Not passion. You love donning yourself in those fashionable gear but that's just it! You feel good,. you look good.. And nothing beyond that :/
Okok, I guess I am trying to say that I miss doing sales and marketing job. Meeting people, giving powerful negotiation talks, brainstorming, getting inputs and all :(

I seriously need a new, challenging job!! :/

Monday, August 20, 2012

Addicted to Shop

Officially an junkie and cannot resist from clicking PROCEED and punch in my credit card security code everytime I browse their collection!
Oh why am I such a lallang with no self control!!!?

Am still eyeing on this red peplum after I got the black version.
Just how many peplum dresses can one have?
Just what else can you wear if not peplum dresses, if your tummy is bulging from unnecessary eating over the holidays when mum decides to serve ABC soup, big pot of fried rice, diced pork with potato cooked in curry sauce, 5 pcs of ebiko sushi from neighbour, 2 dessert from neighbour, 2 slices of burger patty - again from mum. For 2 person - me and mum. Because she is worried that me may be starving during the period of 1pm to 8pm on the first day of Raya. With no where to go but sit at home and watch Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam

Asos Dress With Peplum

Product Code: 198733

Asos Peplum Dress 13 pounds
worn with 
Leopard Printed Suede Slim Belt with chain detail from Tanks for 5 RM10

Make up done with Missha BB Cream  and Victorias Secrets
Stud earrings from bazaar
Satin leopard heels from Agape Boutique

And to punch a big hole in my heart, Asos is having a massive sales of 50% + 10% again
Why oh why!!!

But NO. At the end of this post and after putting 3 items in my cart and these items are not elligible for the extra 10% off, I managed to withheld myself from another round of addiction >.<

Beauty Box Edition August & Burt's Bee Scrub

Wasn't expecting boss to be in today, but he was! Which means I am going to get my Salary de June!!
Yeap, I am in a position that doesn't always permit me to get my pay on time - as I have other workers's salary to consider before mine ;/

What was more happy today was receiving my August Edition of Beauty Box from Fabulous Finds! The one month of wait for the arrival of these box with content unknown seriously makes one more eager to await for its arrival =D

This is my second box. I have gotten it's debut box in July and am officially addicted to those little surprise enveloped in this pretty pink box. The Burt's Bees Sugar Scrub with Pomegranate and Cranberry Exfoliator sachet from July's edition got me so excited. One of the best exfoliant I've tried so far and will definitely be getting the actual product whenever I come across Burts Bee's shop.

The August Edition was nothing less exciting than the debut one. I shall keep the review coming in very soon!

July and August's Beauty Box

The contents in August Edition

Personalised message from the founder of Fabulous Finds - Hui Ling

For a minimum of RM35 a month, enrol yourself as a subscriber to be able to receive your surprise box for the month containing deluxe beauty samples. I am sure you don't want to miss another month anymore! Quickly go over to Fabulous Finds for more details!

Mini Review : Burt's Bees Sugar Scrub
Got this lil sachet in July's box as mentioned and its oh-wow-amazing!
Perhaps I have not seen or used much scrub,  but this is by far the best. I've tried something similar from a Korean brand  I can't remeber which) but the sugar concentrate here is much coarser and doesnt melt as fast.
Not believeing it's really sugar, I sort of put my tongue in it and gave it a lick :p
Yorr!! Whatever it is, it is sweet as sugar!! I guess it must be sugar!

I have always have this problem of dried and squashed up knuckle on the left hand. yes, only on the  left hand. No issues on the right hand because I have a habit to lift my left hand higher when typing and hence pressing on the knuckle all the time. But I don't have such habit for the right hand. I just don't know why!
Then at the time of typing this, I just realised something. The right side of my desk is facing the outer part of the table and has no obstruction. The left side is however.. urmm... filled with an assortment of stuff that was permanently there since ages.. -_-

spot the left side! >.<

The scrub was coarse enough yet not painful when scrubbed on. It eventually melts and creates this waxy feel, as if layering the skin with a layer of oil. Some may not like the layer of oil but on coarse areas like my knuckle it's moisturising enough! =D

Amazingly enough, it does wonders when rubbed on to the coarse knuckle of mine!

See how the dark color were reduced just in a single scrub session!

More before / after in case you were not convinced.

what I meant by that layer of waxy feel. See how the water drops just doesnt drop or coagulate together, as if bound by a layer of oil.

I didnt read much instruction if I should lather up again with any other body wash after using the scrub. As it was pretty moisturising, I thought of leaving it as it is since I used it after body wash. It was tad too sticky leaving it as it is that I am not sure fi I will leave traces on papers if I were to rest my hand on stacks of A4 paper. Hence I decided to lather up and wash off the waxy feel =D

Overall, I still love this scrub as it's pretty good in getting rid of those dead cells and not to mention gives a good layer of moisturise to dry skin.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vain and Lame Post

One too many camwhore of late..
It's like a marathon to encapulate whatever balance of youthful essence I am left with in this 33 years old body. Yes, finally I am feeling old compared to those young people I hang out with - online or offline.
It's like at anytime those wrinkles and crow feet will start attacking me and eat my face off that no amount of BB cream can rectify it!

It's so hard being a woman ;(
One second you got to go for Pap Smear and make sure no freaking mushroom / parasites grow in your va jay jay.. Then you gotta worry in case some big ass 5cm lumps grows in your breast. Then sometimes you hormone changes and somehow distort some crap system in your reproduction system and you develop fibroid :/
Give us a break la GOD! Go make the guys have more than blue balls syndrome and erectile dysfunction!
I have added some new members to the supplement community that I consume. Never a regime that I can follow dutifully but still trying to make it a habit to at least maintain the almost zero level of youth left in this body :(

On another note, I can't stop myself from buying another pot of the Safi Beauty Cream. This time it's the one with Sari Lidah Buaya - aloe vera to be exact. Amazingly this is equally good too!! Way better than the Safi Gold. The sales girl at the pharmacy too said that the Safi Rania Gold is way too oily. Review more laters!!

grren cap for the aloe vera essence one!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Dainty Tiger

Details :
Songket prints for the skirt - to ensure we dont miss out the artistic feast in our Malaysian culture
The bottom edging of the sampin - to again signify the sections in a kain batik - just in case the entire world don't know we wear kain batik to shower if you stay nearby riverside.
So-called batik prints for the striped - just so people know Malaysia too have batik besides Indonesia
Tengkolok headgear with stripe - to ensure the stripey details makes it more apparent for anyone to spot them
Irrelvant vest - to keep warm perhaps
Nehru collar malay mens' wear - justifiable
Orange persimmon color top to give contrast of the entire outfit
All time yellow base  with black stripe to dignify a BERSIH nation, the tiger of bravery and whatever
Some weird brownish stripe in between the black stripe - most probably wrong printing or the need to enhance details of the stripe ( I think its more of  wrong printing)
The same muddy brown on the ladies kebata edges - again confused on what is best to match the persimmon orange satin base since they have already made the wrong printing on the songket-batik-sampin
Lots of lanyards - because malaysian just love collecting lanyards from everywhere they have gone to - because it shows people they have been SOMEWHERE.

Possible symptoms based on the above characters : GREEDY / SUPERFICIALLY ARTISTIC 

Cause of action :  1 mind have lesser output, 2 heads are better than one. The entire feedback from 12 minsitries : ministry of arts, cultural and whathever, ministry of agriculture, ministry of information and technology, ministry of sports among others brings an incredible outcome that surely will satisfy all.

Cure : scroll to the next post and hope for free ice cream in case anyone wins..

I love my country :)

Selamat Happy Merdeka..  when will I get some beauty subsidy?

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