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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Dainty Tiger

Details :
Songket prints for the skirt - to ensure we dont miss out the artistic feast in our Malaysian culture
The bottom edging of the sampin - to again signify the sections in a kain batik - just in case the entire world don't know we wear kain batik to shower if you stay nearby riverside.
So-called batik prints for the striped - just so people know Malaysia too have batik besides Indonesia
Tengkolok headgear with stripe - to ensure the stripey details makes it more apparent for anyone to spot them
Irrelvant vest - to keep warm perhaps
Nehru collar malay mens' wear - justifiable
Orange persimmon color top to give contrast of the entire outfit
All time yellow base  with black stripe to dignify a BERSIH nation, the tiger of bravery and whatever
Some weird brownish stripe in between the black stripe - most probably wrong printing or the need to enhance details of the stripe ( I think its more of  wrong printing)
The same muddy brown on the ladies kebata edges - again confused on what is best to match the persimmon orange satin base since they have already made the wrong printing on the songket-batik-sampin
Lots of lanyards - because malaysian just love collecting lanyards from everywhere they have gone to - because it shows people they have been SOMEWHERE.

Possible symptoms based on the above characters : GREEDY / SUPERFICIALLY ARTISTIC 

Cause of action :  1 mind have lesser output, 2 heads are better than one. The entire feedback from 12 minsitries : ministry of arts, cultural and whathever, ministry of agriculture, ministry of information and technology, ministry of sports among others brings an incredible outcome that surely will satisfy all.

Cure : scroll to the next post and hope for free ice cream in case anyone wins..

I love my country :)

Selamat Happy Merdeka..  when will I get some beauty subsidy?

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