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Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Box Edition August & Burt's Bee Scrub

Wasn't expecting boss to be in today, but he was! Which means I am going to get my Salary de June!!
Yeap, I am in a position that doesn't always permit me to get my pay on time - as I have other workers's salary to consider before mine ;/

What was more happy today was receiving my August Edition of Beauty Box from Fabulous Finds! The one month of wait for the arrival of these box with content unknown seriously makes one more eager to await for its arrival =D

This is my second box. I have gotten it's debut box in July and am officially addicted to those little surprise enveloped in this pretty pink box. The Burt's Bees Sugar Scrub with Pomegranate and Cranberry Exfoliator sachet from July's edition got me so excited. One of the best exfoliant I've tried so far and will definitely be getting the actual product whenever I come across Burts Bee's shop.

The August Edition was nothing less exciting than the debut one. I shall keep the review coming in very soon!

July and August's Beauty Box

The contents in August Edition

Personalised message from the founder of Fabulous Finds - Hui Ling

For a minimum of RM35 a month, enrol yourself as a subscriber to be able to receive your surprise box for the month containing deluxe beauty samples. I am sure you don't want to miss another month anymore! Quickly go over to Fabulous Finds for more details!

Mini Review : Burt's Bees Sugar Scrub
Got this lil sachet in July's box as mentioned and its oh-wow-amazing!
Perhaps I have not seen or used much scrub,  but this is by far the best. I've tried something similar from a Korean brand  I can't remeber which) but the sugar concentrate here is much coarser and doesnt melt as fast.
Not believeing it's really sugar, I sort of put my tongue in it and gave it a lick :p
Yorr!! Whatever it is, it is sweet as sugar!! I guess it must be sugar!

I have always have this problem of dried and squashed up knuckle on the left hand. yes, only on the  left hand. No issues on the right hand because I have a habit to lift my left hand higher when typing and hence pressing on the knuckle all the time. But I don't have such habit for the right hand. I just don't know why!
Then at the time of typing this, I just realised something. The right side of my desk is facing the outer part of the table and has no obstruction. The left side is however.. urmm... filled with an assortment of stuff that was permanently there since ages.. -_-

spot the left side! >.<

The scrub was coarse enough yet not painful when scrubbed on. It eventually melts and creates this waxy feel, as if layering the skin with a layer of oil. Some may not like the layer of oil but on coarse areas like my knuckle it's moisturising enough! =D

Amazingly enough, it does wonders when rubbed on to the coarse knuckle of mine!

See how the dark color were reduced just in a single scrub session!

More before / after in case you were not convinced.

what I meant by that layer of waxy feel. See how the water drops just doesnt drop or coagulate together, as if bound by a layer of oil.

I didnt read much instruction if I should lather up again with any other body wash after using the scrub. As it was pretty moisturising, I thought of leaving it as it is since I used it after body wash. It was tad too sticky leaving it as it is that I am not sure fi I will leave traces on papers if I were to rest my hand on stacks of A4 paper. Hence I decided to lather up and wash off the waxy feel =D

Overall, I still love this scrub as it's pretty good in getting rid of those dead cells and not to mention gives a good layer of moisturise to dry skin.

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