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Monday, August 20, 2012

Addicted to Shop

Officially an junkie and cannot resist from clicking PROCEED and punch in my credit card security code everytime I browse their collection!
Oh why am I such a lallang with no self control!!!?

Am still eyeing on this red peplum after I got the black version.
Just how many peplum dresses can one have?
Just what else can you wear if not peplum dresses, if your tummy is bulging from unnecessary eating over the holidays when mum decides to serve ABC soup, big pot of fried rice, diced pork with potato cooked in curry sauce, 5 pcs of ebiko sushi from neighbour, 2 dessert from neighbour, 2 slices of burger patty - again from mum. For 2 person - me and mum. Because she is worried that me may be starving during the period of 1pm to 8pm on the first day of Raya. With no where to go but sit at home and watch Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam

Asos Dress With Peplum

Product Code: 198733

Asos Peplum Dress 13 pounds
worn with 
Leopard Printed Suede Slim Belt with chain detail from Tanks for 5 RM10

Make up done with Missha BB Cream  and Victorias Secrets
Stud earrings from bazaar
Satin leopard heels from Agape Boutique

And to punch a big hole in my heart, Asos is having a massive sales of 50% + 10% again
Why oh why!!!

But NO. At the end of this post and after putting 3 items in my cart and these items are not elligible for the extra 10% off, I managed to withheld myself from another round of addiction >.<

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