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Friday, May 24, 2013


A dream cost nothing. Hence I dream a lot. 
A decision requires action. Hence at times when my decision is not crucial, I opt to keep mum.
And continue dreaming..
And when dream does not come true, 
because of a bad decision made,
we make more reason to back up the decision made

This is a dream that did not come true.. haha!

A decision could be a solution
But a decision can also be a responsibility
Deciding on a solution can sometimes injects lots of hearth throbbing stress
But someone have got to make the first move
and see where will the move leads to
At everytime, every move, I always hope that it is the right move that I made
because I fear dejection, rejection and suppression ;(

someone gotta make some decision here!

So much have been going on this couple of months, and so many months have been going off my radar in a wisp.
It is tiring. Really tiring ;(
So tiring that I have left my camwhoring skills to rot!
Writing skills too deteriorate. I just realised I have totally forgotten about my TESL study O.o
Saturdays are so full I can't find time for yoga. My eyes is so heavy that I almost bang into a car the other day.
But I am not complaining. Yet. I think I can do better. I hope I have been better. because I want to be better!

I miss camwhore session!

It was the day when I got these batch of cushion cover with the word 'TODAY' that I have asked my girl to draw, did I realise how meaningful is TODAY! Just like how Sha-Lene always yaps at why TODAY is so signifiant to her and brings such deep meaning despite such a simple word.

It is Today that gives you the memory of yesterday and what you intend to do Today brings you rays of hope for a better tomorrow ;)

And TODAY, I shall follow the path I think is mine ;)

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