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Monday, December 8, 2008

You Think U Know What I Did Last Sunday?

I hate holidays, days with no work, days where people do not go to work, days declared as stay-at-home-and-do-nothing, gazetted days where employees need not go to work and other days where one do not have to do anything..
Its a pain.. it seems like a long suffer of mental and sometimes physical.. Sometimes a bit illogical i find. I am stressed when I have to work. I am equally as stressed when I have no work to do. The inability to express joy over days when employees are given a day off worries me.

Then again, not like I have nohing to do at all.
I have half a tonne of designs to re-draw.
I also need some time to ponder what will my bleak life will turn out to be if i don't do something about it.
I have again and again pushed away the need to sit down and do a bit of mental visualisation of the room that I need to convert to a studio ( a petite one)
I have also promised someone with the edu-tainment proposal which I have yet to research on
I have also promised someone with another proposal on some other businesses which I blatantly promised and have no intention of materialising it - since I amnot getting paid..
I have again delayed in getting the backpack and Punjabi suit which Kio loan to me like 3 months back - washed.

I have a long long list waiting to surface..

Instead this is what I did over Sunday and Monday -

Went for a jog. Die die also I need to go for a jog. It has become sort of a Sunday ritual that I need to get connected with the nature. Just realised 11pm is not a good time for a jog in the Metropolitan Park in Kepong. Too many anglers / fisherman / pond-fisher , whatever u call those people that sit at the lake and start fishing for ... i dunno.. ikan bilis?
And they have peculiar stare at people who run around in shorts and running vest.

Bought some groceries. Attempted macaroni. Dry and hard macaroni were the results. Diarhoea was the after-effect U_____________U

Lesson of the session : never to cook anymore.

Yah!! I went and have the passport picture taken, since my DIY attempt failed. Its been more than 6 years since I went to any photo shop to have pictures taken. Only to realise now they dun even use those bulky camera. All that is needed is a normal Kodak handheld digital cam and a USB connector and some basic skills in stamping off spots off the face. Anyway, the point is, the result is a lot more better than my own attempt for RM16. Can't resist the fantabulous photos i asked for 8 pcs instead of the norm 4 :D

Nah! have more of me! :P
Its only 3pm after I am done meeting up with Jovian, my favourite designer ( not that I can afford any of his designs *_* ) to get his fabrics, and to get my passport photos done. As mentioned there is nothing much I can do and most of the people I sms either do not return sms, do not return call or have gone either abroad or outstation.
What else can I do? I HATE HOLIDAYS!!!

Stopped at Pearl hotel. Go to the loo. Empty the bowel and get reay to go Starbucks. Thats around 3.30pm. And I had my butt shaped to square-ism sitting in Starbucks doing designs and coloring. Notice the bag with red handle I have on the floor? I think the waitress in Starbucks must have assumed that I am an artistic individual who have assignment to finish almost every month without fail and uses their place as an avenue to complete my assignment. While all people goes to Starbucks with their latest laptop and hi-tech gadgets, I come garbed in color pencils and a sharpener. Cool eh??

And I complete the day with a big STARE at my ugly feet ....

After the Mizuno run, the pocket of space in the toe nail is still hanging there, not willing to part of from this feet of mine. Man!! I am such a turn off to guys!!! Where people are proud to show u their nicely pedicured feet to compliment with their angelic face, here u have a my feet in a worrying turn-off state. But Hey!!! at least it doesnt emit smell :D
have a nice day !


  1. may be it the ikan bilis from the lake..did you take it from them? ....amazing laos street food didnt get you loo but your own cooking..ha ha ha ha.ha ha .

    ...still not over with the will growlah...

  2. toe shot still out of focus i see....

  3. its the camera. the closer i shove to my foot, it seems to react quite aggresively by gettig blurred..


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