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Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dear all,

I would like to plead all of you to pleaseeee extend some monetary assistance in helping me to get a new mobile phone, for the sake of sympathy, your pleasure, my pleasure, making sure the poor can afford some kinda telco gadgets or whatever reason u can think of.

I am writing in distress as I have extreme difficulty to sending out proper sms-es. The button for DEF do not seem to function, when its press on the cover, when its opened and pressed, when its opened and poked hard with a pen. Nope, nothing seems to help. It will sometimes be able to function after i bang the entire set to the steering. But then, after doing that i realise DEF is back to function, but ABC is not!!!

Till now I am not able to send an sms to my fren to read : TAPAO *OO* ALR**I (u go figure)


I dont need an over-the-top mobile phone. Anything below RM1000 is good enuf. After all, till now I have yet to master the art of sending MMS. And I am also prone to having my phone dropped quite sparsely on monthly basis.

Please make my wish come true this X'mas by writing to me and expressing your most kindred heart to spare me some money to get me a phone...

Christmas will only be merry if you lend a helping hand..

Now, please HELP ..

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