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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Calendar Ran Out Of Space

Less than 10 more days and I gotta buy a new calendar..

Less than 10 days, there's execution plans and ultimatum for the coming time..

Less than 10 days, an unexpected year pushes itself to u, me and everyone else..

Less than 10 days, u, me or anyone would have / may have / could have / should have a list of to do and all that have been achieved..

And all I have to boast is ...

My permanent disability in keeping my desk clean. I swear i try very hard.. But not having things cluttered makes me feel empty :D

(once upon my room, which people say is haunted / negative / highly-spirited)

Ya, I know what a bad impression it is to have a messy table. After all I don't think any CEO have got messy table. No Directors, Managing Directors too would not tolerate such a mess.

I am not one of the mention of course. Not yet :D

Nevertheless I must say the condition of the symptom did improve compared to 3 years back ?..

(the horrendous work place next to the toilet, in front of the tiger)

Being in the sales line is never always rosy. People always thinks sales people get all the time they want as they are mostly out of the office and can easily run errands like paying bills, have long lunches, hang around with friends and so.. but no ler..

There's diva-vicious clients to deal with. People who think a dollar is bigger than my face and demanded values worth more than my boobs. Still, i am in the likes of being in my position, though at times, stress overtakes the passion to go further. Indeed it has taken over me many times these couple of years. And I am still finding the crucial factor which have brought me down so impartially that I am on the verge of diving own from KLCC.. trust me, I mean it..

I did sort of figured out a few factors that brought to my inefficiency.. which I find no point rendering on it as it wont be something that I will be able to change.. (wait, this is not even a boast.. this is a rant!! arrgh!! i must make a resolution to say all things pleasant and not be distracted to rant!!!)

My name is Suhana Mazwin :D

I have diam-diam become a malay.. Because by becoming one I can have a bigger gate of opportunity.. I can buy houses with 7% rebates. I can get grants, free food, free wedding, free milk powder and whatever possible. I can also get to be a Dato's 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife :D . and with my fluency in Malay both verbally and written, who else can beat me, Suhana Mazwin Lee being a Malay? yah, I shall win the competition if there is one.. :)


I like to eat pork. babi. As at NOW.
So I will need to delay my plan for the time being till I opted for alternative food.

despite all the nothingness happening in my imaginary life, I do have something I am rather proud of.. for year 2008

(the incomplete attire )

novices are sexy male :)

I can run though I may be fat

I so crave atention

The journey wasn't all things nice with nice view of sexy monks and novices, getting attention from students and stuffs...There are always rough patches like jerks that comes appearing in your life... ya, bad dates which I had for like ... hmmm.... a bit too much to figure out... but generally, most of you are jerks eh.. maybe some of you are not. But blame me for my short span of attention. I easily get bored!!

I get bored reading at papers without finishing it.

I get bored hiking half way through a mountain.

I get bored in the midst of driving. I get bored while shopping.

I am extremely bored when it comes to pretending I am interested in a conversational topic that does not pique my slightest grey mass.

Yeah, it's a syndrome.

Jerks aside, things are not well with work, which i so needed to figure out but the mystery remains unsolved. I am still trying to relate that to the factors that brought to the reduced productivity of mine as mentioned earlier...

With the current economic slowdown I am so hoping it will not pass as fast as I really need more time to sort out a lot of complexity occuring.. It doesn't help when Ma come back and repetitively mentioned I'm gonna flunk in life in the coming year. She keep stressing whatever that I'm gonna do just will never sail in the right place..

wtf ...

Thanks for the consolation..

Happy mother's day.. and happy new year..


a note to myself : I must really do something about my posting. It's as screwed as my life with fonts sizes in variation and spacing unrecognised

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