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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Day Wont Come

... for me to be a kilogram lesser than 70kilogrammes.. why!!!

And today I am 71 kgs, exactly 1kg more than before Chinese New Year...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saving Mode On!

Kegiatan memasak sememenangnya bukan kemahiran yang saya miliki. Memenatkan, menyusahkan dan mengotorkan saja  =P
Tapi, apalah daya, dana untuk hidup semakin kemarau, makak kegiatan yang membolehkan penjimatan haruslah di praktikkan dalam hidup ku sehari-hari. Aduh!!!

1/3 lobak, 1 tomato, 1 bawang

Memasak ni memang suatu kegiatan yang paling tak ku gemari.. Tak ku pasti bagaimana kehidupan di masa kelak kalau dah bersuami (yang mana, kebarangkaliannya amatlah rendah). BUku resepi pun takda yang harganya kurang dari RM10 mak oi! kalau yang ada pun ada ungkapan dalam nya yang memerlukan bahan-bahan yang tak pernah ku dengar - selasih, kumin...

Nak tak nak, terpaksa la juga menambah barangan runcit dari Giant, lebih-lebih lagi perencah untuk masak nasi goreng, sup sayur, tom yam dan sebagainya =P

Hidangan hari Ahad huhuu

Bazaar Oh Bazaar - Rasta TTDI

It's been a while since I had any time to go to the bazaar - without the objective to help out friends at their stall. Sometimes, if you do something way too often, you tend to get bored. Because you will most probably be seeing the same thing, same face and ask the same 'How are you?' to the same person, whom you met at the same venue  =_=

Managed to drop by at Rasta TTDI today. A food court (malay food court) that happens to have cool serving of delicious burgers and fried banana with honey as topping yo!!

Organised by B.O.B (Badan Orang Besar) Bazaar Oh Bazaar ( can't even find link, pfft!), it's a pretty cozy event with lots of colourful stuff from cupcakes, to red velvet cakes to shawls to colorblock skirts and so much to drool for - but not enough money to spend  =_=

bumble-bee maxi-tube-dress-skirt. spot the orange asymetrical skirt!

accessories again!

the shoes talk ;)

it's been awhile since I have seen handmade accessories and these are pretty! <3

rose and peplum and pink!!<3 giler sweet!

peplum dress for the skinny peep!
Now u know dy. If you are big UK10 to UK14, don't bother buying peplum online from general blogshop. Fits only skinny peeps ;(
Whatever Darls

racks of colours!

ghost! =D

It's going to be around on 7th and 8th January. Most probably a lil bit too late for you peeps to go over and shop, but do keep an eye for their coming bazaars ;)

INFO here : Rasta@TTDI

Monday, January 2, 2012

Only That?

A Tesco is just a Tesco.
How different can one Tesco be from another Tesco? They literally carry the same freaking groceries!
And even have the same format of parking!
Fine! And I drove another extra 13 niles to another Tesco with the same parking format, same brands of groceries and most probably the equal amount of screaming kids strolling with ignorant parents who prefer to let their kids loose, running and SCREAMING! *like a dog*


And I cannot believe it! That I have to drive almost 26 miles inclusive of wrong turning just to get to a similar Tesco to get : tissue paper, a bottle of fabric softener, 2 cheap bras and legging for mum and a tiny pack of rice. WHY!!!!!!!!!!! All the way  and that is all!!! (&*&^$##()

Thank you Ma, you did a great job in 9Gag ...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review : Safi Balqis Perfect 10 Beauty Cream

Yes, you read correctly - Safi Balqis ;)

I am not sure how many Chinese actualy uses these halal (it should be) produce that caters mostly for the Malays. I have never used any for the past 32 years of my life till of recent. I saw an ex-colleague who dabs a rather thick beige colored cream onto her face before the application of make up. Just a few slap of it and later evened out onto the entire face. She claimed to have used it since her secondary school years and she is now a mother of two and looked like 18. She is not that old anyway, at 24 or 25 I think. But her skin is flawless.

that pot of cream

before I had the magic cream on hand - uneven complexion tone as I have a combination skin type with oiliness reigning it.

I smelled the pot of cream and it smells exactly like this particular cream that the beautician where I get my facial done recommended me. It was the Wangi SP Cream or something. Of the same texture and smell!
But that cost RM35 for a small pot of it, equivalent to a pot of eyeshadow. The one that the ex-colleague used was a mere RM6!! Still got such cheap facial care and works meh!?

I decided to get myself a pot too at RM6! She said I can get it in any Giant, Tesco or anywhere practically. And I did, in Watson. If they do not have a tester for most of the make up and facial care, god knows which is the correct pot! It has most probably the commonest name of all - 'Krim Kecantikan' = beauty cream =_=

I got the Safi Balqis - Krim Kecantikan Perfect 10 retailing at a mere RM7+ and got discount somemore! So it cost  a mere RM5++ (good for people with not alot of money!). If it smells the same and it feels the same, it should be the same thing that I have once purchased at RM35 before. Maybe the Safi one would have contain some ginger, or onion extract or whatever, but how can it smell and feels exactly the same!? I am so assuming that they come from the same manufacturer in labis or Kulai or some rural area! and at RM7, you can afford to slather more than to stinge on it!

It is not one of the best texture to rub onto your face if you are not used to it. What I did was to apply it before the toner application got totally dried. At times when I can afford moisturiser (from sample sachets!), I put on the moisturiser first and before the same - apply on the beauty cream before your moisturiser gets all dried up. That way, you can easily blend it in.

Depending on your complexion tone, you would normally looked like a dead corpse after blending in. Unfortunately the beauty cream comes in only one shade and nothing else :)
As my colleague do have a complexion that is nearest to a corpse, she can easily get away by just using the beauty cream and layered with loose powder.

half way through using (night and morning view)

I am a make up junkie and also I am a shade darker than the corpse, hence I normally slather another layer of bb cream - Missha BB cream and then only loose powder ;)

still not finishing the small bottle

The beauty cream regardless of whatever brand it is functions to prevent pimples growth, acnes and blackheads. It is also nomally used as a base before putting on foundation. When I was introduced to the Wangi SP cream, I was told to also use it before sleeping for pimple curing. During daytime application, it is also supposed to be able to provide UV protection.

I have another friend who have been using the Wangi SP cream for more than 8 years and yes.. her complexion is fairer than a corpse and of course flawless! No pimples!

It's been the 3rd month and way to a more even shade of complexion!

 My verdict : As it is freaking cheap, am definitely going to continue using it and hoping that I can achieve the almost flawless complexion like my 2 friend, minus the corpse fairness. It is not a moisturiser, hence I suggest you still continue using a moisturiser before slathering on the beauty cream to get other beauty  benefits =D
I am not sure if it does provide any whitening effect, but it sure does even out my complexion's shade. But the best thing of all, it is a great primer, concealer or whatever term you call to provide a base before putting on foundation / bb cream.
As for the pimple / acne problem, I am yet to be able to determine if it does ward off any growth since I am hormonally driven to have pimples before the menstruation period -_-
I don't think anything can help when it comes to that eh..

And who says local produce are no good?

From Everywhere eh?

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