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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bazaar Oh Bazaar - Rasta TTDI

It's been a while since I had any time to go to the bazaar - without the objective to help out friends at their stall. Sometimes, if you do something way too often, you tend to get bored. Because you will most probably be seeing the same thing, same face and ask the same 'How are you?' to the same person, whom you met at the same venue  =_=

Managed to drop by at Rasta TTDI today. A food court (malay food court) that happens to have cool serving of delicious burgers and fried banana with honey as topping yo!!

Organised by B.O.B (Badan Orang Besar) Bazaar Oh Bazaar ( can't even find link, pfft!), it's a pretty cozy event with lots of colourful stuff from cupcakes, to red velvet cakes to shawls to colorblock skirts and so much to drool for - but not enough money to spend  =_=

bumble-bee maxi-tube-dress-skirt. spot the orange asymetrical skirt!

accessories again!

the shoes talk ;)

it's been awhile since I have seen handmade accessories and these are pretty! <3

rose and peplum and pink!!<3 giler sweet!

peplum dress for the skinny peep!
Now u know dy. If you are big UK10 to UK14, don't bother buying peplum online from general blogshop. Fits only skinny peeps ;(
Whatever Darls

racks of colours!

ghost! =D

It's going to be around on 7th and 8th January. Most probably a lil bit too late for you peeps to go over and shop, but do keep an eye for their coming bazaars ;)

INFO here : Rasta@TTDI


  1. how to book a booth at rasta ttdi?

  2. how do i book a booth at rasta ttdi?

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