Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha


There is no one single image to represent me apparently.

I am Ma's cruel daughter (according to her I am emotionless, so that must imply that I am a cruel person)

I am passionate in what I do for a living - batiking. I don't draw it, I don't also sketch it as often. I sell it. I may not be as passionate in selling it. But I do believe in it. I believe in the beauty of the art. Though many a times I am made to compromise with my belief just so ROI can be achieved. Nevertheless it never really dampen my spirit. I can't see the passion myself. I saw it from others who truly believe that I am truly a believer in what I do. Yeah, it's sort of complicated.

As at now, I have left the batik job. I left a hobby, but I got back my life at the same time. It was a drilling period that drilled me to someone better than tomorrow. Now, life is to be looked at in a larger spectrum - because I don't have a permanent job. Wait. I think I have. Again, it's pretty complicated. But I got my life back. And lots of peole around me to make sure I live with enough rice in the bowl.

I am a Cancerian. And I believe most Cancerian are very prone to all things artistic and creative. Or could it be just so happen that I favour more things culturally artistic. I dreamt of doing Indian Classical Dance since young. Like very young. But living in a typical family where no birthdays are celebrated and everyone leave to work non-stop, day-in and day out and the idiot box only shows Chinese drama, telling Ma that I want to do activities like lion dance itself seems a bit weird.

And I finally got one of the things to do in life ticked off. I am now learning Odissi, a form of Indian Classical Dance. I realised I have hand and foot co-ordination syndrome (which explains why I did not participate much in school concert or even the school Sports Day march pass). I have also a teeny weeny bits of 2 years experience in Latin dance meddling. And one fine day, when I can afford that expensive pole imported from US and perhaps I am slightly below 70kgs, I will take up pole dancing classes before Osteoporosis hits me. I am also practising yoga, in hope that it will cure my hand and foot syndrome to perfrom better in Odissi.

I am a Sales and Marketing Manager by day and personal business consultant to all my blogger friends who aspires to make it big in the blogospshere. No, I do not get a commison from what they do. I simply enjoy brainstorming on the aspect of marketing and strategic business move.

I blog. Because I enjoy writing. All things do pique my interest in blogging. Thought most of the time, it is a platform to vent the mounts of frust after work, and life of course. I am currently a Guest Blogger in YourShoppingKaki, am administering PasarNight and still on the look out to acquire sites. Yes, I am pretty ambitious sometimes.

If you have read my reviews before and liked my reviews or perhaps wants me to review your stuff, I would be glad too.

Why Suhana - the alter ego
Because I am Suetha and Suetha cannot be an alter ego.
Most of the days, when you barely know me, and I am the quiet one who prefers to live in my own world and hope no one notice me, that Ma's daughter - Suet Mun.
But when you do have interesting business proposal that you would like to share with me and are keen to work with me, Cynthia is here to listen with much keen interest.
On any other day when I make a step backward and look at the little window of my room and stare blankly, without much thoughts about what is to be done at work and in life, I prefer to be Suhana.

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