Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

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Monday, February 28, 2011

You're In Love - Wilson Phillips

This is an emo week.. Week after period :)
I do not usually watch MTV on Youtube but it is such a refreshing act to be immersed in music that lifts your mood. Music that speaks so much about how you are feeling now. Music that most probably doesn't mean anything much but merely soothes your soul and makes you feel that there is hope after all the misery.

I think I saw the light today. Or I may have force myself to shed some lights. I don't know. But I want to put a stop to something. To make some changes and nuances which I deem necessary. I hope it wasn't wrong. I hope there is a better turning. It's really confusing that I do not know what is best to be used to describe this.

Perhaps, it is the act of letting go freely without a wilting heart :)
And so.. I am letting go of some stuff and accepting more to come with an open heart..

And I am seriously considering pole classes soon.. urrghhhh

hand beaded necklace bought from crafter in Craft Bazaar

Do you have a Le Ann Maxima (LAM) dress? It's every girls' essential item I tell you..

to pole? to Odissi? to golf? How??

tube dress from LAM worn wiht fringed vest from Beautiful Disaster

conveniently had some fashion accesories from the workplace stashed in my car.
who is not tempted to try out this piece of hand drawn boots? =P

Happy Monday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ganga - as the river flows

 White base saree that I wore for first day of Ganga

 Color cordinated toe nails colors :)

 All the blings that I could carry
(Snake with fake crystal encrusted - Curve Flea Market)

Not a very good location to camwhore, but everyone was so busy to even camwhore!
(Silver clutch - ALDO)

I am seriously considering an eye surgery to shed off the excess fat on the upper and lower eyelid

Hare Ganga <3
The beautiful kohlam

Temple of Fine Arts also houses Annalakhsmi, the restaurant that serves decent Indian vegetarian food that is on a buffet spread. You can dig as much as you want and later pay at your own descretion. Yes, you rate your own price. I don't suppose people will be that wicked to pay RM1 for a plate of Puval rice with another 5 different dishes. And papadam included. ;) The mango lassi was great! I also managed to try the buttermilk drink or better known as Moori - a spiced yoghurt drink blended with green chillis and cumin seed and spices that is normally used in Indian cooking, served cold! Yes, it taste kinda weird having to drink a cold spicy, hot and salty drink. 

Did not go and help out the next day as I am down with fever. Mal said I could have drank one too many Moori which brings to my fever..  ;(

I am an obsessed fan of sarees. Till date, I have now 8 pcs of saree I think =D Some bought and some gifts from friend. It's such a versatile costum for every girl. But of course, not all know how to wear a sarees in 10 minutes. I wore it for wedding dinners, for Indian classical dance concert and once to a drinking session! LOL! OK, that's a bit over... But I LOVE SAREE  =)


Have you ever thought about what will happen when you are  left alone?
When your family dies. One by one and you are the last one standing.
When your pet dies and you need to cremate on your own.
When a lizard died in the hall and you need to sweep it off.
When your grandpa collapse during your turn of taking care of him.

What do you do?
What do you feel?
How do you go about in resolving matters arising?
Do you have suffucient numbers of your relatives number to call for consultation?
In case your mom pass out.
In case your dad was bitten by a snake.
In case the earthquake comes.

How do you tackle the situation?
If you are only 12 and are alone.
If you are 21 and are alone.
If you are 30 and you are alone.

Do you let emotion to sink in before proceeding to the next course of act?
When will the panic subside?
Do you even need to feel panic?
Will anyone come to your rescue shall you ask for help?
But in the mean time that you are all by yourself
In the situation that leaves you riddling with emotion and worrisome shivers


Monday, February 14, 2011


Words that people google that got them directed to my site ...  -__-

How to pee wearing saree.. Seriously?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Year Resolution -1

To be pretty
So must do something with my hair, perhaps start investing in a comb.
Yup, I do not in any way posses a comb. I think. 
Next, to emulate / copy / replicate Racheal's hair ;)

cannot enlarge big big, later she screw me =P

I think I fail sial
Doing it in the morning is way impossible, considering that I wake up half an hour before office hour commence. I am seriously game to go to work immediately after the Chinese New Year hols!
It's like an escapades from the butter cookies tragedy!

Good thing about office - we have vanity mirror in the isle of the office space for catwalk purpose =P

Yup, new year attempt started - to have super gorgeous Racheal's hair =P
And so I attempt....

to curl my hair in the office...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Melon Feast

photoshop credit to Behr

Yeah, if only Vanity can be easily achieved like this...

Kicked Out of the Bed

An article by a friend;

 It’s amazing how something quite mundane can turn into a deeper lesson. This is what I experienced just last weekend.

           The Media Team in my church and I went to Malaysian Bible Seminary in Rawang, Selangor. We were divided into the male dorm and female dorm. For both dorms, there were double-decker beds, placed side by side.

          When it came to the time to check in our bags into the room, I was one of the first to be queeing up. I didn’t have much of a game plan or idea which bed I wanted to choose, just that it would be the one on the bottom and not one on the top, as I was afraid of heights and would have difficulty sleeping at the top.

           The benefits of being one the early birds is that I can choose which bed to sleep in. When I was in the dorm, I also considered the temperature, which is related to where the air con is situated, as I don’t want to be frozen during the night. Therefore, I chose a place that was sorta a distance away from the nearby air-con. Additionally it was quite close to the door, as I thought it would be more convenient.

          However, I realized my mistake a short while later on that night. After our sessions, we came back to the dorm, bathed and as I switched off the lights and prepared to sleep, I saw that since my bed was sorta beside the door, and the door did not have curtain covering it, there were quite a lot of white light from the outside that fell on my bed.

          Oh no!! What can I do now? Most of the other girls was already in their beds, and have fallen asleep. I looked around and saw that all the bottom beds were occupied. So I decided to change to another bed, but sleep where I was. Even though I brought blinkers to cover my eyes, the light was very disturbing to me, and made it difficult for me to fall asleep, even when I turn to face the opposite side.

         After twisting and turning for a while, I finally fell asleep. But unfortunately I did not get a very good rest, as i had interrupted sleep. I was awakened a couple of times during the night, changed my body position, went back to sleep. This cycle was repeated a few times. When the alarm rang in the morning, it wasn’t that difficult for me to get up, since I wasn’t in deep sleep. So I got up, washed my face, had a super quick cold shower to help me wake up and got ready for the activities for that day.

          As I was sharing this experience to some of my other friends there, it came to me that it was like an allegory. Like the phrase, “You have made your bed, so you have to lie on it”. In my case it’s more of “You have chosen your bed, so you have to lie on it.” I have no one to blame but myself. This can be applied torelationships, specifically choosing a partner, in my case choosing a husband.

          If I choose foolishly, like in my earlier case with choosing the bed without considering an important factor which is LIGHT, then I would have to pay the price for it. Similarly if I choose a husband foolishly, I would have to bear the negative consequences of it. The difference would be I would not only suffer one night, but for a long time.
Conversely, if I choose wisely, then I would have a comfortable bed and good sleep. In the context of relationships, there would be positive consequences such as less conflict, higher satisfaction in the marriage.

          Later as I thought about it, this question came to mind, “As a photographer (serving in this area in Media ministry in church), how can I forget such a important aspect such as LIGHT?” Very likely because I was thinking of taking photos at that time, but focusing on choosing a bed. Plus, this was the first time for me to sleep in a dorm. Okay, so I do have some excuse / reasons...

In choosing to step into a relationship, I must say the theory that applies to the above revelation, most of the time are hard to adhere by. Simply because the 'item' that we deal with in a relationship have more substance than a bed covered in Freeman quilt made of 100% cotton. 

If I can choose correctly, I would not be at where I am now. And so are those of you who are most probably sobering over some emotional bruises over relationship.

There could be many factors in determining your favoured partner..
Yah, so everyone wants a good looking until you can't stop wetting yourself over him, owns 3 Continental cars, our of which you get to choose one to drive, own a property in the prime land of Bangsar, must be filial to your parents so that your burden are eased off in taking care of your own parents, a good husband to satisfy your sexual need and a good father in case your kids come out cuckoo and hyperactive.

And a guy would most probably steer towards a petite lass who loves wearing floral and not a pixie cut hairstyle girl, a girl who can smooch and have long hair, with melodious voice and enjoy eating salad and sandwiches.

There are so much preference in every individual. So much so that even the advancement of Facebook sometimes can't help you much if you refuse to budge from your list of criteria. 

How do we define if it is a right choice or a wrong step taken? The problem with a PC is that after some time, it grow old and slow. The problem with a calendar is that at the end of the year, it expires and you require a new one. The problem with human that comes with a barrel of feeling and emotions are that they are easily altered under many circumstances, situations and conditions. 

You can re-format a PC, and it will never ditch you if you can manage it properly. As in you gotta do your own back up la before you re-format. You can opt to throw away the calendar of cut the nice pictures for scrapbooking and dispose the rest. But you can never re-format a person. Or send a bomoh to do the job. Or cut into pieces and keep those that you want.

          When it came to the time to check in our bags into the room, I was one of the first to be queeing up. I didn’t have much of a game plan or idea which bed I wanted to choose, just that it would be the one on the bottom and not one on the top, as I was afraid of heights and would have difficulty sleeping at the top.

When you walk into a relationship, if you have your list of 10 Commandments then congrats, because you know what you wanted and the probability of getting what you want is almost NIL and only YOU yourself know better. But relationship is not a strategy game. If only it is as easy as marking on a Gantt chart on how you can fare well, there won't be losers out there sulking for god sake. In an instance when you want to have a pretty faced guy / girl to be the other half, because you think your pimpled-zone face cannot stand the other half not being too good for you.. then you could most probably be masturbating for a while before it materialise. To be fair, there are some lucky ones of course, but not ALL. 

           The benefits of being one the early birds is that I can choose which bed to sleep in. When I was in the dorm, I also considered the temperature, which is related to where the air con is situated, as I don’t want to be frozen during the night. Therefore, I chose a place that was sorta a distance away from the nearby air-con. Additionally it was quite close to the door, as I thought it would be more convenient.

In the event of a relationship, early bird entry, coupons and such doesn't count much. You may give in early sex. Still don't count. yeah, that's how the world goes. Go jump if you can't accept it. There simply is no guarantee. You just need to banyak doa. Which is again no guarantee..

(to be continued....)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things To Do During Chinese New Year

1- Pretend invisible ang ignore glances from bypassing relatives
2- Pretend dumb  so that people find it a hassle to chat you up
3- Pretend busy so people are afraid they may disturb u from making a major decision
4- Pretend you are suffering from high cholesterol and blood pressure and have symptoms of diabetes so you can be excused from eating butter cookies

 And some reasons why I hate Chinese New Year;

1- it's just the moment of the year when people vow to have a better year. The moment they are wayy to excited celebrating the new year with liquor and some mahjongs, the have already forgotten their vow.
2- it's also the time of the year when people turn hypocrites. all flaws are hidden. everyone try to portray the best of what they can offer, from household interior to their first day clothing U_U
3- people have a sudden mood to be competitive. housewife walk around the neighbourhood comparing new year adornment, aunties go around passing cookies for all to try trying to make sure they have wide acclaimation that their cookies is the best!
4- people turn into activities deemed addictive ; buy Toto, gamble like there's no tomorrow, drink , drink and more drink, buy more lottery.
5- people do not practise the need to be thrifty. after all its the time to splurge and show off the wealthy side of the family. wallet may be thinning, bank account may be depleting but no one cares. there is an instant and simultaneous need to show off.
6- it's also time where sugar consumption are high, cholesterols too accumulating, carbs too are getting a place in the abs. ya, this is the time to be unhealthy. 
7- host turn into darn hostile people, practically forcing guest to try out the food and junks spread they purposely get ready when they see u coming and hoping to hear a word of compliment on the junks.
8- the concept of giving money make ppl frustrated and the concept of receiving money excite some in. my case, i hate both. 

I find it lame.
In fact as years passess, it has become so mundane and lame that this year, we had Maggi mee for reunion dinner. Me and Ma. Very illogical to slaughter a chicken for 2 women's meal. And I adjourned to The Paradise, in Sheraton KL for that once in a blue moon clubbing. Yeah, I am not as cool as perceived. I have a lump of boring, nerdy, workaholic and staunchly religious group of friends.
If I did not see wrongly, I seem to be the only Chinese in the club =D Surrounded by skinny Malay mois clad in the tightest cheongsam. Pretty tacky as it may sound as the deejay kept yelling Gong Xi Fa Cai amidst the R&B line ups.

Oohh... did I tell you I love my new MNG tiered toga, X'mas pressie from boss ;)
Ahem... in XS-S size and I can fit!! I think it's the African sizing they are labelling there =P

Earrings from Vincci Accessories, MNG tiered dress 

 In auspicious red tiered jersey material
 T-Bar heels from Fashion Barrage
(sorry for the last drunk look. minum memburukkan mekap)

damn short, but I loike!!

I so prefer gulping down Vodka and raising hand at no reason everytime the DJ asked to do so than going house to house to eat pineapple tarts ;(
I hate waking up to the day when the neighbours' lobby are overflowing with many  pairs of visitors' shoes that remind me of the festivity...
I think in general, I hate happy events O.o  like X'mas, Chinese New Year, Labour Day, or any other days when people are happy...because I ain't happy. When was I ever happy?

last last minute baru nak beli limau!!

On the first day of the Chinese, I wore a thrifted maxi from OldScoolBoutique, paired with my quilted working bag and slipper from Bangkok. Nothing smells new!
Ma was disgusted with me as she spotted me coming out of the shower with my hair all wet on this aupicious first day. Now she would hate me for ruining her slight chances of striking Toto for the year as I have just washed away not only the vodka and ciggie smell, but also all the possible 'ong-ness' that I may have on my head O.o
Kegiatan di tahun baru of my relatives..

Little cousin getting married. Read : Little

 flat chested whatever!!!.. can you spot the criss cross waist structure? The criss cross works wonder in forcing a slimmer sillhoutte though I think the lack of a well endowed bust really did screwed me up. I think I may have flashed my nip sticker... ;(
Dress from Le Ann Maxima

New Year Resolution : to wear more short dresses for the year and ditch the 'dickhead' style ;)

How was your new year?

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