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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Year Resolution -1

To be pretty
So must do something with my hair, perhaps start investing in a comb.
Yup, I do not in any way posses a comb. I think. 
Next, to emulate / copy / replicate Racheal's hair ;)

cannot enlarge big big, later she screw me =P

I think I fail sial
Doing it in the morning is way impossible, considering that I wake up half an hour before office hour commence. I am seriously game to go to work immediately after the Chinese New Year hols!
It's like an escapades from the butter cookies tragedy!

Good thing about office - we have vanity mirror in the isle of the office space for catwalk purpose =P

Yup, new year attempt started - to have super gorgeous Racheal's hair =P
And so I attempt....

to curl my hair in the office...

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