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Monday, February 28, 2011

You're In Love - Wilson Phillips

This is an emo week.. Week after period :)
I do not usually watch MTV on Youtube but it is such a refreshing act to be immersed in music that lifts your mood. Music that speaks so much about how you are feeling now. Music that most probably doesn't mean anything much but merely soothes your soul and makes you feel that there is hope after all the misery.

I think I saw the light today. Or I may have force myself to shed some lights. I don't know. But I want to put a stop to something. To make some changes and nuances which I deem necessary. I hope it wasn't wrong. I hope there is a better turning. It's really confusing that I do not know what is best to be used to describe this.

Perhaps, it is the act of letting go freely without a wilting heart :)
And so.. I am letting go of some stuff and accepting more to come with an open heart..

And I am seriously considering pole classes soon.. urrghhhh

hand beaded necklace bought from crafter in Craft Bazaar

Do you have a Le Ann Maxima (LAM) dress? It's every girls' essential item I tell you..

to pole? to Odissi? to golf? How??

tube dress from LAM worn wiht fringed vest from Beautiful Disaster

conveniently had some fashion accesories from the workplace stashed in my car.
who is not tempted to try out this piece of hand drawn boots? =P

Happy Monday!

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