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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ganga - as the river flows

 White base saree that I wore for first day of Ganga

 Color cordinated toe nails colors :)

 All the blings that I could carry
(Snake with fake crystal encrusted - Curve Flea Market)

Not a very good location to camwhore, but everyone was so busy to even camwhore!
(Silver clutch - ALDO)

I am seriously considering an eye surgery to shed off the excess fat on the upper and lower eyelid

Hare Ganga <3
The beautiful kohlam

Temple of Fine Arts also houses Annalakhsmi, the restaurant that serves decent Indian vegetarian food that is on a buffet spread. You can dig as much as you want and later pay at your own descretion. Yes, you rate your own price. I don't suppose people will be that wicked to pay RM1 for a plate of Puval rice with another 5 different dishes. And papadam included. ;) The mango lassi was great! I also managed to try the buttermilk drink or better known as Moori - a spiced yoghurt drink blended with green chillis and cumin seed and spices that is normally used in Indian cooking, served cold! Yes, it taste kinda weird having to drink a cold spicy, hot and salty drink. 

Did not go and help out the next day as I am down with fever. Mal said I could have drank one too many Moori which brings to my fever..  ;(

I am an obsessed fan of sarees. Till date, I have now 8 pcs of saree I think =D Some bought and some gifts from friend. It's such a versatile costum for every girl. But of course, not all know how to wear a sarees in 10 minutes. I wore it for wedding dinners, for Indian classical dance concert and once to a drinking session! LOL! OK, that's a bit over... But I LOVE SAREE  =)


  1. You must be one of the very few chinese i know who looks good in a saree.:-D

  2. thank you for the compliments! :D
    I love sarees a lot!
    And anyone would look great in saree! its so versatile! :D


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