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Monday, November 24, 2008

Break the Door With Your Sissy Hand!

Slam the door as hard as u wish
but u still got a pair of boobs, not sets of scrotums
Bang the tables as hard as u may
but u still gotta admit u got unruly hair wiht no resemblance to any Tom, Dick and Harry

I used to get all fret up by people like ya
who creates such fuss over own disability to draw a line between logic and PMS
( oh yes, unfortunately in ur state now, u still have to go thru post-period syndrome)
I used to have a weak heart with desk banger in fear that they may felt hurt over a particular action (wtf ?? )
I used to start pondering hen peope slam door if its my fault that could have created such a commotion

u know what now?
i have people like u all to thank for making me goin thru these learning curve..
now i felt hilarious everytime i see these behaviour because it no longer irk the senses in me
it no longer leave a twitch in my heart
so numb i cant event sing out nUmb by Linkin park in full emotion
its like watching Dungeons of Dragons with Scooby as the lead
U MEMANG BODOH GILA BABI BOLEH PERGI JILAT POONANI U!!! (poonani(R) - courtesy of KimberlyCun's blog which i visit often)

that i swear u to hell
I know i will be goin going to hell with all my explicit acts
but I can already imagine myself to be in the hell where all things are nice and U
U !!! i can see u in the part where all things are rotten and all ur species convene in an oblivious mode with maggots crawling from your pubes and crippled love children with one eye on ur cradle

things are never the same again
i believe in development
in transformation
in going for the better
but whatever it is, I think i m not to be blamed for all that have occured..
It's U . U. U. U.

U have caused me to leave so much filth in my porny blog by writing u hate mail!
The past were the times when I have to have second thoughts in fear people may read and have a second angle when deciphering me..
Now I so hope you can remember my IP address and read this out aloud to your members!!
Start a hate group hating me..
Pour all your angst and emotion towards me

U get it now?
U are channeling all your energy towards hating me ..
And I am happily planning my way to hell with lots of booze and nice men to taste, obviously oblivious to whatever hatred you have in me..
Lose it la... U have still got more estrogen than testosterone.. learn to grow a ball first before u start slamming door !!



  1. hey hey hey easy on the swear girl....such rage bottle up inside you...but hey at least u channel it positively....

  2. strange, i feel therapeutic after reading your post.


  3. therapeutic?? wow!! got such effect? i must be darn good!


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