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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When Coffee Just Cant Help Ya..

I have fallen in love ...
Very seldom I do fall in love...
In fact the possibility for loe to fall on me is rare...
Its always flings...
Or sometimes merely lust...
But I am serious this time...

I LOVE ........

LG KS360
The LG qwerty phone.. I am still not able to define what is meant by qwerty, maybe its cutie, sweetie, quirky..
I do not know how do people send MMS, I cant differentiate WAP and 3G or GPRS. None of the abbreviation excite me.
I only know -to receive call -to make call - to receive sms - to send sms
I also do not know what number to call back to the operator of the telco that I subscribe..
But it desnt matter..
I am still so in love with the qwerty phone!!!!!
Thank you for making me realise I still have the ability to love!!!

Back to real life now :(
I suspect I still have a contact len folded somewhere in my cornea since last week.
The stupid ankle is still in pain and in fact swollen from stepping to a concealed power plug void on the floor.
Am still not able to master 3rd speed of Chowka No.6 in my odissi ..
Sales report still dwindles and swindles .. gawd!!!!
Work... sigh.. pigh.. ligh....
And I thought a week of breakaway to the land where people dont rush (PDR -Lao) would bring back a full geared bean.. nop.. it didnt work...
The bean is soooo exhausted, so misaligned...
Everyday seem to consist of only 2 hours..
Never seem enough to get everything together in pieces..
Too short to even finish up the caffeine in the glass..
Doesnt seem sufficient to reply and to send out as many emails..


At another angle things seems to not fall it its own place...
Some took too long..
Some went off and did not come back.. (i thought its a boomerang process!!)
Some return with a miniscule of hope after much effort thrown in..
Things just did not go where its supposed to be!!!

There were so many plans to execute and to implement..
There were aspirations..
There is these glitches and sudden glimpse that appear in the mind just before dozing off to sleep..
its the excitement to start a new day immediately tomorrow and make a difference..
Then the hope slums when the day arrive!!
Oh Why??


  1. qwerty refers to first line of your keyboard indicating its a full keypad :)

  2. soon, you will know learn to love taking pictures from your phone...muahahahahhahah



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