Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Nope, 2008 did not mark the beginning of anything significant.
I am still happily left in the singledom.
I am also left to survive in this cruel society with a normal income that is not gonna make me afford a Coach without not feeling a big slit on the wrist.
I am still wearing the black skirt i got for mslef since ... Sixth Form.
My circle of friends do not seem to widen exponentially.

But I did manage to have did some stuff that I most probably would have died without not attempting..

I started hiking :)
The very first time in FRIM
A group of people of many faeces / face / faces
Convention of a multi-faceted group to conquer Bukit Tabur
Mission accomplished.

Then I started an odyssey to a land of arts I always have wanted to be in - the merry land of indian classical dance..
I am a slow learner that I have to draw every details, even the opening prayers.. U__U

The desire to do it have been around since I am 16. So yeah, now i can die with at least one wish fulfilled. Hopefully you can see me perform before I lay to rest.

I did a marathon(s)

and another few mores.. it wasnt an easy journey, especially for someone who is more prone to eat and drink than lead a healthy lifestyle, but happy to announce i am still surviving :)

I watched a movie !!

Considering I was never a fan and no one can really coax me to sit still in a cinema, I actually watched a movie!! OK, maybe 2. The first one being that horribly massive pig slain scenario 3 Kingdom thingy starring Andy Lau. I am sure its a good movie, but thats also one reason why I dont really enjoy the thrill watching anythign in the cinema.. When there is any killing scenes, the blood splashed so hard on my face i felt traumatized! Anyway, 3 Kingdom was sponsored by a friend though I knowingly am hesitant to go and waste my time in making Andy Lau another RM8 richer by supporting his movie.

I attended a theater play!!

I am a typical ah-lian wut.. where got Ah Lian attend theatrical play unless its gonna be starred by Jorin Ka-na-Tsai or the likes.. BUT i actually attended one explicit one and shall continue this artistic journey of mine .. looking forward to many more which is as explicit as After Ours :)

I sang in Karaoke!!!

being a salesperson, karaoke is a mandatory.. and yes, i have beent to one for not too many few times.. for the purpose of keeping angry customers at bay.. BUT BUT BUT
this time --- I actually SANG!!! I SANG-ed !!! I held on to a MICROPHONE !!

Then I backpacked to Lao PDR !

There's actually more to it.. but keep talking about it makes me realise how much hard-earned money I have spent on every single activities.. So we shall pause hre at the moment..

Despite the awesomely great time I had doing all the above there are strings of event which does not deserve any mention.. maybe its best to sleep over the not-too-pleasant ones and keep hoping for a better week ahead... sigh.. i hate waking up to realms of life.. U___U

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