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Suhana Suetha

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I think ...

I really do think that ;

1- all women drivers should emulate me when parking. Most of u ladies took too much time to park! Why drive a bull Avanza when u dare not and have much hesitation to reverse park?
2- life is never fair. Some gt to have hair extension for RM700 and i am contemplating if i should be spending RM21 to buy a hair colorant or get some gay men to do it with streaks of highlight for less than RM120
3- all bitch-tard* should go to a reserve land in Tg Sepat and plant their own crops and rear love child, play with vibrators and do not come and irritate people with their unstable, easily-provoked emotion.
4- there really is nothing wrong with me and my character. Its just that I am what I am after being insanely ill-treated wth much prejudism by all of U !!
5- some people should learn to take control of themselves in the office!! in the park, in the malls and everywhere where public are involved. others do not deserved to be insulted by U just because u are either lacking or have over abuse estrogen intake in your daily supplement.
6- ex-es ( gfs or bfs shud learn to take a grip and not whine after the end of the chapter). And I am so gonna blog about U very soon!! )
7- I can make a lot of changes in perspective to the people in Lao PDR :D
8- I have found a place that Iwould love to be involved and contribute my effort in. But there are too many unnecessary hurdles of emotion shattering my determination.. well, i supposed i got to bring my eagerness elsewhere and it better be soon..
9- porn is unnecessary to promote erection or ejaculation or any sort of arousal. I personally think porn is like watching a horror story of the CSI agents dissecting some dead one's anatomy and u get 250% zoomed up shots of someone's labia erectico in over-used mode and almost ripe to drop off any time.. *shivers* and how can these promote arousal? i felt like having been shoved a rubber dildo and forced to chew on it!!!
10- I am an emo-freak.. and all this unnecessary stress relating u, u and u out there moulding a stronger me..


work still not done, color pencils still intact, designs still not drawn..


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