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Saturday, November 15, 2008

BeerLAO here i come!!!

Sa-bai-dee !!!
Me no Lao, me Chinese, me from Malaysia.
Me speak Lao?? No! No! Me no Lao!!!
And so I arrived in Lao PDR the land where People Dont Rush, got it??
I have seriously not been to any of the ASEAN countries apart from getting stuck in the metropolitan KL. I've been to Singapore for the annual Singapore sales to load on Charles and Keith shoes.. Never even been to Kelantan or terengganu.. Heard the food is guarded by flies eh? :S
Ya, the villag-ey lifestyle is never something I had in mind.. Since small I vow not to be in such form of poverty.. Soohrayyy!!! Not the kinda lifestyle i want to have.. U__U i m a city freak..
Well humbly said ; i was never born rich.. we aint extreme poor though.. we hav enough food too throw in the mouth, we can also afford air conditoned eating place.. but I vow to be in better condition than what we have now.. so the image of villag-ey is always outta my sight.. anyway, I have never learn to appreciate the greens.. i love concretes :)

But all Lao have to offer this sexy bitch are :
Wats (temples)

Wats ...

and more wats...

filled with underaged novices

YOu alse better make sure you do what Johnnie do best...


and more walking

cus there is almost no air conditioned vehicle on the road!!

In Lao, everywhere u go, u can see the significant Mekong River... literally, physically, mentally everywhere....

Mekong in Luang Prabang

Mekong in Luang Prabang again

Mekong in Vang Vieng
Mekong in Vientiane

And a liquid donor to the Mekong River :)

To non-alco visitors, please dont go to Lao and not be able to contribute to their economy by drining loads of BeerLao.. there is no reason not to have a splash of BeerLao which is incredibly cheap and smooth to gulp...

I think that is the staple for all tourist.. everywhere u go, there is beerLao, and its equally as affordable compared to a fruit shake. A big bottle cost ya only 10,000 kip and a fruit shake is about 8,000 kip. 1 USD = 8500 kip, u go figure..


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