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Monday, November 3, 2008


I did the Terry Fox Run on nov 2nd :)

The thing about non competitive run is that it will normally have a big turn out of people with various ulimatum, besides the good cause of the event.

Some merely needed to be seen as a caring person.

Some need to have an eye wash by checking out some hot babes and blokes in mini-semi-transparent-cotton-or-microfibre running vest.

Some are forced by the company / organisation the work for to attend and brand themselves in their organisation's logo respectively.

And another some are treating it as a family outing with their infants, baby, toddlers, kids, teenagers, ah por, ah mah, ah kung, ah yeh, ah sams etc...

So expect road blocks from people with prams, people with kids trying their very first few steps, kids trying to outdo others via roller blading, and old folks who stops and start looking for loos or their friends..

hmm... maybe i shudnt be bitching too much.. after all its for a good cause.. and all get free milo and food...

- peeps -

-more peeps-

-peeps again-

-peeps everywhere-

- the orang asli peeps in procession? -

- now he is strategising for the Singapore 20km run -

- camwhored while waiting for bunch of people who have forgotten Nasi Lemak Tanglin do not open at 10.30am and did not inform me :( '

The sudden act to post own farking face on such viciously negative blog -- never attempt unless u know the consequences.. and I knew.. but at least u are all confirmed of the bitch behind these negative remarks.. thats ME :)

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