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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Get The Coke right..

One day Mary was walking in the pasar pagi and have decided to buy a lamb for long term companionship. So she walked and browsed and came across a stall.

Mary : Elo, i wanted a lamb

Berry : Ok, wat kinda lamb u want? we can custom-rear our lambs accordingly to your requirement.

Mary : erm, ok, u get me something that matches my dress, can? their hair must be red and pink with streaks of turquoise.

Berry : erm, ok, how u want the streaks to go? vertical ? horizontal?

Mary : wei!! u r selling, u have more expertise than i do in custom rearing rite? why dun u go figure and show me some?

Berry : oh yah!, u r rite. no worries, gimme a minute. i go get some samples for ya. yuuhooo senorita Silly !!! I need u to get me some samples of lambs in various turquoise streak for Miss mary here.

Silly : Ok. ( do, do, do, do)

Berry : Miss mary, here u go

Mary : nope, somehow ur sample is not intriguing. can ya do better? and i think this is not a lamb with blue streaks,it looks like a babi with tocang. and this one - it looked like a giraffe with a basket on his head!

Berry : hmm, ok. wait a while. Yo Silly!!! Ur samples aint impressing. u may wanna do another few more for miss mary to choose? shave more lambs pls!

Silly : wtf !! wtf !! eh, wat is wrong with miss mary? who she think she is? why she kip asking me to do more samples? wtf wtf wtf !! how many lambs have she got from us?

Common sense of the day : a vending machine 'vends' out stuff, when coins are placed in ,and options selected. If a coke is required, please vend a Coke out and not Pepsi. When pepsi are 'vended' out, obviously vending machine's programming gone cuckoo....and coin slotter may not want to have a pepsi .. it's not for u to accuse the money slotter for slotting in money for a can of Coke... it's U who have to consider if your output is even relevant to what people demanded for!!!! u dumbwart!

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