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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sorry, did I gross u out?

I packed these from the Indian Kitchen in Bangsar the nite before departing to Laos.
RM 2 each blocks :)
There was no gulab jamu else I would have get another piece. What is better than a piece of darn sweet piece of the Indian savoury when u r in starvation?

Besides Deepavali, its great to have a piece of these any time!

Nope, cant fit in in such position

Nope, cant fit in too

Trying to fit in
Forcefully fitting regardless of how :P
And that's my starvation kit in case there is no food in Laos. Fortunately there is no need to rely solely on my sweets since since a bowl of noodle soup is only 10,000 kip ( dun ask me how much)

Noodle soup

Life in Laos for me also depend heavily on the lao Coffee at 7,000 kip. There arent many types of food over in Laos, but u surely wont starve to death. Else be like me, coffee and beer :) . Then there's also different types of baguettes, different types of noodle soup, plagiarised thai food,


eh!! worming at the wrong place... nope, Lao people do not eat worm, silk worm. Erm.. wait a minute.. I am not sure if they do eat worms. After all I saw dead bats, dead rats and snakes being sold in the market.. maybe..
Then there is also shakes and crepes.. at 7,000 kips to 15,000 kips

Even the Japanese gal, Rie, beh tahan and must have an Oreo shake everyday! (fyi, the oreo shake concoction is made up of ONE oreo cookie, half a tin condensed milk, and lots of ice blocks, all blended)

My staple - Lao coffee, and Shuba with mix fruit shake with yogurt.

And of course when laobeer is only 10,000 kip for THIS big a bottle, why bother thinking that alcohol is bad for health and creates beer belly?


And so I am back with some silks, a dirty bag full of worn out clothes and also the MARKS which will never leave me out of sight ----

THIS !! (nothing more below there :D )

Wtf, I have lost my ability to shed off any dark spots or dry skin on me in a week. That was 10 years back. With the advance technology in natural ageing, I have THIS! Its been for a month I've been wearing this fitted-on-the-skin blouse. No amount of exfoliation nor cream help. Thats how deep I love being in Laos U________U Its always in my mind!

Another gross image of my toes.. Managed to scrape off some blood clot. Now I have an empty pocket between the nail and the flesh, where the clot used to fill themselves in.

Now u know why i refused to go for any manicure / pedicure session? I will gross people out.


  1. It would be grosser if you took better pictures of the toe nails!


  2. u try lift a toe and take pic with another hand la!!! its not easy!!


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