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Friday, December 5, 2008

Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover

Its been a while since there is a need to go to the photo studio to get a shot done. Passport still not expired yet. IC still useable, tho face is mather-freaking ugly.. Still contemplating whether to waste another RM12 for a set of proper passport photo. Yeah, it is soo needed for submission, application etc..
Now I really need a piece of my face to be attached on some life-saving application. Does it really matter how I project on the pic? What if i am this :

OK, maybe this is a bit unfair to give judgement. Most photos shows the face quite prominently. So what if I show my face in such a mood?

I do not deny i sometimes tend to doze off literally, to a land of complete blankness. My brain is cell-dead after many hours worrying about doing nothing and so busy of doing nothing!! Yes!! its completely worrisme to be so worried about nothing!! I thought the most serious kinda worry would have been me deprived of money. But hell no, I found another dilemma which have been making me a worrisome piece of meat. I am so worried of having nothing to worry and my blood rush to a dead end when I know there is so much to worry and I chose to worry about complete nothingness..

Dear potential salary payee,
why would you not consider me though I may drool in my current display image? Have you talked to me and see if I have a burst of ideas for your organisation? DO you not appreciate my honesty in displaying you the other side of me which is not very often being displayed by many others who want to be part of your organisation? I seriously think you should consider me despite the not so flattering display :)

Then, if i post this up to the form (with a lil photoshop to the background), would that be able to secure me a platform where I will master the art of delegation to a bunch of chinese speaking people and get lots of invites to booze at nite?? I am hoping it would, honestly.

Tried to take some shots from the far-from-glamour digital device from home.
Not a very succesful attempt.

FAILED - ducked too low and too far from the angle

FAILED - ducked too left from the centre
FAILED - obviously dumb to over focus on my 'enrich' nosePASS -yeah, if i ever get convicted, i think they can use this on THE WANTED list...
Sigh, i guess I have no choice but to invest RM12 to take a dashing set of passport portraits from the photo shop..

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