Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

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Friday, December 26, 2008

All I Did for Christmas...

Finished the sets of tassels for a shawl to Harrods..
Nope i got no gifts, no celebration but lots of people sms-ing Merry X'mas greetings.
But I don't celebrate X'mas *_* Come greet me during Maal Hijrah :)
And it doesn't help when a public holidays falls in the midst of a busy week..
So here I am, proudly finished making / looming / spinning a set of beautiful hand crafted tassel for a piece of shawl.
Would you like to buy my shawl for RM400? worth of hard work ----

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