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Monday, October 20, 2008

I Ran a Marathon

Exactly a decade and 1 year since i quit ...... RUNNING

And now I am back on my feet again.. this time with a different objective...

During school time the marathons are merely activities that one can do to compile more certificates to submit together when they apply for local unis.. which i did compile a lot, but didnt seem to help at all... see? i am here.. still here...

I thought it used to be easy. Maybe because I used to follow ma on her trip down to Petaling Street and she make uswalk from Petaling Street to Batu Road to SUngai Wang just to buy me aunties look-alike clothes to usehr in the new year.. have ya seen a 10 years old wear padded blouse? U__U

Anyway, that's where I derived my brisk walk skill.. I can walk faster than I run, ok?

I may be big in size, but i aint weak and wobbly... U_U

so now, i am back to running :)

the only no cost activity at times where the economy is bad.. is to RUN

some may think sex, but hell NO! its an expensive activity mind u..

but a sudden 10km is crazieeee....though i survived the ordeal ..

with achy legs and blue black toenails.

legs so wobbly and joints almost shattered from the long walk and short run along the prestigious Kenny Hill..

next month, i m going for another run :D

wish me hell of a luck :)

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