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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Nudge here and a Tilt there.....

The last couple of months have not been good...
I was under tremendous love-hate turmoil with the love of my life --- my WORK (what were u all thinking ? O_o )
Its like a generic syndrome that attacks after a period of time doing certain 'thing' . I would term this RSI - repetitive stress injury :) a term i learnt from kio. Yeah, a continuous or repetition of action which eventually lead to great pain. It can be applied to most condition and situation; love life, work life, no life, anything.. anything that is being done in repetition and gives and after effect that is not exciting wud be RSI. Try being sodomied for 100 times. I am sure you wont be able to contain your poo for long in future. Dont know why? Cus i think the perimeter of ur anal enlarged and contraction is lesser cus all muscles wud hve died-ed :P

Anyway, this is not going to be about work... its about the time i spent frolicking which have brought me some new friends and some life.

I had so much more alcohol for the past 3 weeks, hence the inability to be able to save more money for Laos month end. I had so much more food with chargeable tax that I think my social responsibility towards the working industry is not bad, i donated money :)

Oh oh!! I also worked out more during this downfall period of relationship with my work :)
Yah, I can walk, jog, hike, run lots more than before. And my lungs did not explode and boobs not dropped :)

And surprisingly i did something outrageous... i went to the karaoke and opened my mouth - aside from eating. I SANG !! Aku MENYANYI !! And I went to the movie!! a Panggung!! A cinema!!! To watch a MOVIE !!

Honto desu ka?? O_o

I think i must have stepped on some evil jinx that makes me take a 360 deg turn and morphed me to being normal and have normal activities like the rest of the human beings.. but funny eh... i find that I can actually join the crowd :P and do things that i used to despise and rather sit and look at customer's database.

tapi itu dulu :P

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