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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Week Of Planning

There is too much exitement post Raya holidays..

I have developed a new sense of bravery to do things I wont attempt doing. (This is besides karaoke and watching movies).

I have been told to be positive instead of having qualms in many situations I am to face. And I have chosen the positive side of a very negative situation to dabble myself into.

People always said, 'Life is so short. Have no qualms. Just do it before u die with regrets.'

Took me a very long time to digest and analyse what is to be done just by doing and what i not to be done with less consideration.

What would have been the trigger point of someone doing something that they think they ought to do?

Would you quit your job and go round the world help the poor when you cant even take care of your mom?

Would you bed with someone for the sake of moneyjust so you can afford a Prada?

Would you drive and hit someone that u thought should die because he / she did no good to the society?

Would you do drugs just because people says it will make you go cloud nine when u are troubled?

Would you also decide to suddenly strip naked and hop around the lobby lounge of a hotel?
(ok, maybe not this scenario)

Would you be able to provide free 'bed session' just so that some one is satisfied and your leisurely hobby is completed too?

It didnt took me long to make up my mind to do things that I have neve ventured into before (like karaoke and watching movie, - yeah, that's what I mean. :D )

Anyway, yeah, I have a few scenarios which led me to apt decision making. Which I think I made pretty well a decision.. at that time of making it.. I hope.. U__U

Decision are made and waited for the result. What was hoped for did not materialised :(
Yup, all went out of the expectation. On a negative side, I should blame the boobs. (yeah, it involves the boob) On a positive side, I think god loves me to the extreme He wont allow anything bad to land on me.... awwwww, thank u God ! (tho I was hoping to get the 10k and also the 2k worth of lingerie) - see why i blame the boob?

Now I start to get it when people say " Manusia hanya boleh merancang, tapi Tuhan yang menentukannya" and sure did I rancang a lot man... only to be give a no by the almighty.

Now i feel better. Though the plans did not work well..

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