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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Post Alco

A sign that I am growing old ...

I have post alco syndrome... after 10 years of drinking!!
Yeah, the numerologist have told me many times i am confirmed to suffer from some chronic disease due to kidney and liver sulking..

C'mon... many pakciks and makciks have more todis and tobaccos than i do.. The occasional ciggie that I have aint gonna shorten my life that fast.. no? And alcohol... aint beer supposed to help cleanse the system since ppl go to the loo very often after a continuous consumption of it?

The only reason I can find myself dying is of being stabbed to death by being such a loud mouthed bitch.. or maybe some one will mow me down with a truck. Wait, i may also end up dead due to my inability to tahan from having stomach pain.. ya i sucks in the skill of controlling the battle of the tummy ache. I also cant stand being feverish.. It seems like a long torture to death..I would rather be mowed to death than to go thru the tormentous tummy ache..

This is the 3rd time I wasted the precious alcohol by vomitting it all out.. 3rd time in my decade of drinking.. Being the last person to stand tall after every 6 bottles of Chivas and now I have a new record, the first to drop dead after like... less than 10 glass of beer?? biiru!!!!

What is this??
Nan desu ka??
Apa ni??
Wei sum moh??

That's a very apparent sign that I am aging eh??

But i m still not giving up and i shall try harder on more vodkas, tequilas, mojitos, brandy, whisky and maybe some todi...

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