Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Helo, its ME

It raya holidays and I've reports to do.. but i need to distract myself from work..
I tried guava juice with wine -- doesnt work, i ended up puking..
I tried facebooking -- everyone is enjoying their holidays and not online to post bitchy pics..
I tried sleeping but the afternoon heat is too hot..
So i gotta resort to.. blogging :S
I seem to have a lot to vent lately.. about anything, everything...

WAs looking into my friendster account and saw some comments... I saw some familiariaties in the comments made by all my frens...

from karisma kapoor* (not her real name)

This girl is truly amazing!!! It all started in secondary school when she started to memorize the English dictionary in an effort to improve English. Now, this exceptional woman takes up dancing ( salsa, mind you, nothing less and Indian classical dance) Basically what i have learned about this gal: Always expect the unexpected. She will always be doing something which you never imagined in your wildest dreams!!! XXXX never fails to amaze me each time I meet her....don't be fooled by the quiet exterior, you never know what surprises she's gonna pop at anytime:-)Its been great knowing you, girl!!!!!

from Maqqie Q *( definitely not her real name)
XXXX been a great and supportive friends all these while, knew her back in secondary school days....she definitely the centre of attraction in a crowd with her witty comments.....and definitely very good in her English command....her writing skills is definitely fantastic and sometimes you wonder whether she could be the next person in line to come out with some books!

from Lord Muruga * (nop, not her real name too)

well...if men were said to be from Mars then XXXX have certanitly proved that not all gals are from Venus as shesaid the most unexpected things at theleast unexpected time... but then againwe all need a friend like her to putsome laugh in our life... for I willnever forget all the crazy things she did back in school and am still countingthe crazy things...

Futsalina *( not her real name ler)

mangan, its been soooooo bladi long time never see u lah.. miss all ur sarcastic remarks ... come lah go yam cha one day with the rest of the jinx & reds fellas... all in all, ur still the agong that loves to pose ( although trying too hard showing off the boobies nyahaha ) in the pic.. crazie little chica you.. but now leng loi oledi ah u... hehe

madraven *( yah, thats his nick)

all know her as XXX , clever gals which good in study,a gals who care bout her famili. lost contact 10 years already,it happen so accidently,i look for Final Fantasy,her face appear on my LCD,thinking is it real XXX? c photo then i know already,is her big nose remind me.the way she talk still cruelty,this is XXX use to be.she got strong responsibility,she wan her job perfect been 10 years already, thought she will got a big boobies,sadly it grow a bit only.but at least save her bra money.her face bcome more pretty.i dun say that ppl angry,dun wan roll over by fren with her wont be lonely,she is kind of talkatif.dun try show off ur english,i still remember cin-der-la story.wanna know more bout XXX? u just click on add frens only,she will add u english poor dun blame me,im just a typical chinese.wish u gd luck XXX,hope ur boss bcome crazy,every month increase ur salary

Can ya all see what are the similarities in every description? :P

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