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Monday, October 20, 2008

I Like to drink sirap, eat satay and what does that makes me?

Today, an old farktard stepped into the shop with a couple of friends.
One of them got attracted to something and got the intention to purchase it and make the day a happy one for the sales person..
Then farktard yelled at his friend and restrained him from purchasing.. making a remarkably Ahmad Is-Myhai's statement that the shop belongs to the pork luncheon clan... and that they should never purchase or support anything from the roast pork / babi guling clan..


What have we done to offend him.. Did he not realise his kwai-lo style shirt is tailored from Spek menshop whereby the owner is a babi guling, where bangladeshi tailors the shirt.. but but, a babi guling actually cut out the pattern draft?

Did he not realise also Seluar dalam cap pagoda is actually from the land of babi guling and its cap pagoda!! not CAP MASJID!

Did he also forgot he got to wear those cheap rubber slippers, that he wears to walk to the onion building every Friday... pray some more!!!

Did he also forgot that he got his salary from the amount of stamps purchased from the counter (yep, he work for the Ministry of Post) are actually by the babi guling clan?

oh oh!!! he must have also forgotten.. all the years, his wife ask for money to buy those kain pasang from Jalan TAR, omg... i forgot to mention, its massively printed in the land of babi guling, then the hands of tha babi guling actually got in contact with the textile since thewy got to pack it.. and sometimes they may poop or urinate at its side wen the textile is in the warehouse..

OMG!! u all are tainted!!!

and oh!! did i also forgot u all also like the DOG Style when you do the huchimama? and babi guling clan rear dogs ler.... change ya pose to maybe a kerbau style? or lembu? tapir? i dunno, whatever that u can find in that village of yours.. maybe an ikan kembung style.. O_o

i can go on and on... but no point becos i cant get a single point to let ya win.. most probably the pipes where u wash ur horny face is supplied by the babi guling clan.. :D

If i were u, Mr Farktard, I would have just buy a voodoo doll, put a babi guling face and go home poke till it swell..

Now that you have announced to the world you despise babi guling and all things related, i think u have to tear yourself naked and hang on to the ... hmm.. i cant imagine where u can hang on to ler...

cus the river may be tainted by the ladang babi,

ur house my be built by babi contractors,

the hotels, nid i say more??

well, i suppose u can hang at one and only spots... ur wifey's tits! hang on man!!!!!

U__________________________U (ur wifey's tits)

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  1. dude...without babi, this country won't survive...babi money n babi sweat is ok..not like that fucktard otak babi...ikan kembung style??i think is more of ikan kele or ikan bilis style dude..

    is kinda back-ward cuz thoes otak babi pray 5 times a day and yet still has that much sins within them...

    oh by the way, thanx to babi hence we got monthly salary or pay to buy stuffs, if is not for us babi guling clan, thn those otak babi won't even know wta is proton much less drive 1 or own 1.


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