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Monday, January 28, 2013

Money Money Money, It's so Funny

Today I was introduced to this video during the Parenting Talk that Penny conducted in MoneyTree Sri Hartamas today.
To have one post about what financial literacy is, is absolute impossible. 
Well, not like I will be able to educate anyone on you out there on how crucial financial literacy is to everyone and how it impacts us in our daily life. 
But as I have been attending almost 5 session by now, willing or not, each time I leave with a determination to be financially smarter than the session before. 
Educating our mind to be financially savvy is not something easy especially at our age as we tend to acknowledge and forget. Acknowledging how crucial it is that we need to be smart in managing our cash, only to forget about the seriousness of the issue when we are lured with material happiness. We call this temptations, impulse, demons...

Attitude towards money 
Just exactly what does that mean?
As part of the online community that contributes quite a reasonable amount to shop online, I must say I need to review the attitude I have put forward to the money that I have. Or not have. It's so easy to spend. And sometimes it's just so easy and tempting that we often forget to ask ourself ' Do we need it? Or do we want it? Would you die if you don't have it? Would you lost your status as a fashion icon if you do not own that quilted bag inspired from Chanel? If you can't afford a RM3000 Chanel quilted bag, would spending RM120 on an inspired version be justifiable to ensure you hold the title of being fashionable? Can you still maintain your identity (in this case, fashion icon) IF you do not have that quilted bag - original or inspired. All this thoughts roaming wild in your mind and rummaging the credit cards in your wallet while sneering at your monthly salary of RM3000.
Just how do one decide? How do you expect a shopaholics and a fashionista to be able to come out with a calm logic when faced with such a situation?

I have stopped shopping for the past couple of weeks. Except for 2 grande cappucino from Starbucks and a 100 ringgit worth of granolas (alll for the health!). I would have shopped if the wages is visible to my bank account. 

This is a weird post... coming from someone like me..But yeah, I guess I am considering hard to take charge of my life. Finally. 2 credit card cancelled, resunscribing to the Employees Provident Fund (by force) and joining the work force in a proper work place (hopefully)..


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